Monday, September 29, 2008


Today in the mail I received another set of pin keepers! Gorgeous ones , too!
These came from Cindy Berghuis.

First up is this beautiful blue under the sea pin keeper! Wonderful isn't it! I do need to tell you as like always the camera does not do this wonderful art justice!!

Here is the other side! A grand flower garden! Love the beaded butterfly!

Cindy made two. This pastel beauty is just wonderful in person! Here is the first side.

When you turn it over you get this wonderful purple look. The silk ribbon roses are exquisite!

With Cindy's pin keepers the lucky recipient will get a two for one. Kinda like mood sides!

But wait that is not all! I received my Secret Sister birthday gift today. Wonderful, wonderful geisha fabric!! I will have to think up something special for this fabric! A beautiful hanging angel, and I don't want to forget my very favorite, CAMEO BUTTONS!!!!!!! I love cameos!!

Geisha fabric, for that special project!!

AAAAHHHHHH, my cameos!!!

I would have taken pictures of my September Secret Sister gifty but, I assimilated it into my Christmas goodies before I got my camera working. I will tell you this: It is wonderful Christmas, items for a special future project!!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring from the postman!!


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kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

All these pinkeeps are turning out so beautifully! They are all such lovely little works of art!