Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Christmas Crackers

A very Merry Christmas happened this year! I received Lots of great things. Of course I am back in action with a NEW camera! Now there will be many, many excellent photos on the way!

From my CQI sisters Connie and Cindy some wonderful CQ items in the crackers that they sent to me! I now need to assimilate the items to my stash!

First up is the items that I got from Cindy, I got a really cool cloisonne flower that just might have to go on "Catch My Star". I got beads of all sorts. Some ginger bread charms, threads, trim, and ribbons. Let me not forget the really cool block that she made for the wrapper! Awesome!

From Connie, I received all sorts of buttons and beads and star charms as a prescription to keep me from opening my cracker early.

In side the cracker Oh, boy! I got velvet squares and trims that just make you want to drool! I cannot wait to use them!

This has really been a fun exchange! I hope that every one had as much fun as I had this season! Here is wishing every one a happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This One Stitch

Have you ever started with one stitch and decided to see what you could do with it?? That is what I did for my Grandmothers Christmas gift. I made her a tiny purse to carry to church with her.
I started with the chain stitch thinking that I would make vines.
Then with the detached chain variation stitch I made the leaves.

From there I made the flowers.

this started with me thinking: What can I do with just this one stitch. Well here is my answer......I can do a whole purse! This stitch made everything from the vines to the flowers! I am so happy with how this project turned out, I am going to try another project using "just one stitch!"
Here is how the whole purse looks:


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Newest Block For "Seanes"

I just finished my latest block for "Seanes" and I thought that I would share it with you. I had been in a CQ "funk" here up lately and I am feeling back in the swing of things (so to speak) so I thought that I would work on something of mine so if I messed up it was ........well, mine! SSSOO here it is:

I am thinking of this block as my mermaid garden. I think that my funk is over! Now on to other projects. I have a RR block to stitch on, I will be posting that as soon as I finish it. Here is a hint on it though. I am thinking Arabian Nights! Now I bet you cant wait to see that one!


Teaser Runner Up Is.............

The teaser runner up is ............................Ann Flowers! She submitted her corrected answers and now will be receiving a replica silkie of Elsa Reinhardt! YEAH! Congrats Ann!

Okay, here it is. What you have been waiting for! The answers to the contest!

1. One operetta
2. The Girl Behind the Counter
Lottie Mun the shopper
3. Three chorus'
4. Herald Square Theatre, starring Lew Fields and Connie Ediss

I hope that everyone had fun with this teaser! Stay tuned as I will have another beautiful actress coming up next month!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And The Winners Are For The Elsa Reinhardt Teaser.................................

I had only one right guess and that was .....................Drum roll please.......................Leslie E! Yeah!! Leslie, I will get your squishie together and mail it to you. Now, for my second winner. I don't have another that guessed all the questions (most have one answer wrong) right. I will refrain from printing the answers and give another chance to win the reproduction silkie. So now if anybody wants to try for all the right answers please take a look at the questions on the teaser and email the answers to me. I will announce the winner tomorrow in the AM. I will also print the answers then also.


Monday, December 1, 2008

"Catch My Star" Blog Teaser # 3

Here is the next teaser for my "Catch My Star" quilt. I am hoping to start this quilt around February. Just doing these teasers is making me excited about starting! Here is my next actress. From what I found this actress worked on Broadway for 11 years. I wasn't able to find much on her. I wish that I could have learned more about her. Maybe learning more about her will be a journey for the future!

Her name is Elsa Reinhardt.

Here are my questions:
1)How many operetta's did she preform in?
2)What was the longest running production that Elsa Reinhardt preformed in? What was her part?
3)How many productions was Elsa in the Chorus only?
Number four is going to take a little research but it will be well worth it!
4) "The Girl Behind The Counter" had a very successful Broadway run. What theater was it preformed in, in 1907-08? Who were the male and female stars of this play?
The first person to come up with all the correct answers gets a wonderful squishie. The second gets a reproduction silkie printed by ME!