Sunday, November 30, 2008

They Are Here!! The Ornaments Are Here!!

Hello to all! It is good to be back! Work is just too time consuming! 'Tis, the time of the year when your co-workers start acting funny. We had a few quit so here we go again with the OT! You know this works stuff gets in the way of my fun all of the time!

This week I received my Christmas ornaments from the swap. I have got to say that I got the better end of the deal with these beauties! I want to thank Lisa DuCoing for hosting this swap. For all of those who don't know her if you ever have the opportunity to enter into one of her swaps I am letting you know that you will not be disappointed! She is the hostess with the most est! All of her swaps are great fun!

Now to get on and thank the ladies who's talent I am enjoying on my Christmas tree right now!

This top ornament just a simple square but beautiful none the less. This ornament has wonderful stitching and a beautiful silkie in the middle. I don't know who made it as there was no name attached but the lady knows who she is and I want to thank her for making my tree wonderful!

This second ornament is a beautiful bell! It was made by Lisa Martin. Lisa also sent me a beautiful Christmas card to go along with the ornament. (I wish that I had thought of that! I have lots of vintage cards to give away! There is always next year!) Although the card pales with the beauty of the ornament! Thank you, Lisa. It looks beautiful on my tree! Thank you also for sharing you talent with me!

I also got this wonderful stocking ornament. This ornament was made by: Darlene Jastrzebski. It also is gracing my tree with its presence! This ornament is just wonderful with beautiful stitching! Thank you so much for the ornament Darlene!

I have two views of my next ornament, which is another bell. This bell is a little smaller but none the less beautiful! A big thank you goes out to Elizabeth Rudder. This ornament also made it to my humble tree. It is just beautiful with stitching to match! Thank you so much for the ornament!

Ladies thank you so much for the new family heirlooms! They are wonderful! I know that I will enjoy them for many a Christmas to come! This has really been a fun swap!
Now, everyone needs to stay posted for the new blog teaser tomorrow. The latest actress for the catch my star quilt!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Reason #4

Here is reason number four to have my CQ prescription refilled Early:

"I lost it on the airplane."

Some times they really do get lost on the airplane!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Reason #3

Here is reason #3 that my CQ prescription should be filled eairly:

"I accidently threw it away."

This one is for real. There was someone so forgetful he really did accidently throw his away. He did it one day on the way out of the office when he threw away his samples with his newspaper.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Needle Cases

I know that I have not been posting like I should but with work and finishing these two needle cases it did not leave much time.

Now, on to the needle cases. I drew these out and put them together in the last week. As you can see I did mainly SRE on them. I enjoyed working with only the silk ribbon. The pictures, actually scans, do not show them off properly. I usually don't pat myself on the back but I am rather happy with the way they turned out. Now, that they are finished they are on their way to the new owners.

Back of needle book number one:Front of needle book number one:

Back of needle book number two:

Front of needle book number two:

Well on to my next project.

Reason #2

Here is reason number two on why my CQ prescription should be refilled eairly: "I accidently flushed it down the toilet."

Yes, grown men AND women have used this one.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Crackers

I entered into a Christmas Cracker swap with CQI. I received mine from Connie today. Upon opening up the box I picked up from the post office today, this is what I found. A great Christmas card from Connie, my Cracker and...................
A prescription from Connie to help with the "I want to open earlies". On the bottle it reads "Take one if temptation to open Christmas Cracker becomes extraordinarily difficult to resist. (Not to exceed one a week.)"
Of course I had to take one right away. The need to open that cracker was really, really difficult! I use to work in a doctors office where the doctor took care of chronic care patients. I have a lot of excuses that I can use from that employment on why I need a refill on my prescription. I plan to post one a day. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen they will be real excuses.
Okay, Connie, here is the first one:
My dog ate my prescription.
(No, they never brought in the vet report on that poor canine so that the RX could get refilled early.)
I will post another tomorrow!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

And The Winners Are........................

The winners of the "Catch My Star" teaser are...........................................The first one with three right answers is Sharon. Sharon email me privately and I will send out your squishie and silkie. The second one with three right answers is Leslie. Leslie I will dig up your address and send out to you you silkie!

Thank you to all who participated! I hope that y'all are enjoying these teasers as much as I am!


"Catch My Star" Blog Teaser # 2

Okay, everyone it is now time for the second teaser for my "Catch My Star" quilt. This months beautiful star is: Frances Starr! This lady will probably be will known to the fans of Broadway. She only played in a few "talkies".

Here are my three questions to be answered:
1. Name 2 Broadway shows that she was in.
2. She was under contract for 16 years to a legendary Broadway Impresario. Who was this man??
3. Name the Broadway play that she was in with Walter Matthau.
Of course the first person who answers the three questions right gets a replica silkie (made by me) of this beautiful actress, and a nice squishie package. The second person to answer the questions, I will send the replica silkie.
Okay, everyone have FUN!!!