Sunday, February 21, 2010

What I have Been Up To

Hello to everyone and a big GOOD MORNING!

I know that everyone has been wondering what has that Lion been up to lately?? I have been up to quite a bit actually! Most of it has been behind the scenes stuff for StitchMap. I needed to organize quite a few Angels here up late. Last week I did take a few days to work on some projects that need to go out to some wonderful ladies! When they get these they will be surprised. I also have my tag swap. Today I am sitting down at my sewing machine to stitch up some more blocks. No, no advance peek on these yet……… But I will share what I have been working on for the last few days!

Here is a 100% cotton wall hanging that I will be working on through my Lost Pines Crazy Quilt Group:

Here is a finished tin top, all I need to do is sit down and put together the tin.

Here is the tin top that I am stitching on currently:

I know that this one is not finished yet.  Do not worry I will show it after it is finished.

There is a third that I need to stitch on I just don’t have a picture of it. I am wanting to glue all three at the same time so after I finish the third I will show all the finished tins!

This is also not the last post for the day. I am heading over to the Mischief Blog to tease my fellow mischief’s!

Here is a final hint for the day. I would not go very far as I am going to put up another “Catch My Star” teaser!!!

The Lion

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Peek At The Past

Recently on my StitchMap group one of the ladies had been web surfing.  She had found this really cool blog of a fellow CQer.  She quickly shared it with the group.  (As everyone knows we ALL love eyecandy!)  When I visited this blog and started to scroll down she had put up this block:
I quickly went back to the group and posted that that is my block!  I am the lucky person to have her talented fingers all over my block.  This ladies name is Laurie.  I also told everyone on the group that I would put all the pictures of this RR for their enjoyment.  So here they are!

This block Cobi worked on for me.

This block Leslie worked on for me.

This block Simona worked on for me.

This block Ati worked on for me.  This block is a treasured block as it has a button she added from her grandmothers button box.

And this block Leslie worked on also for me.
So there they are!  My Magic Moments RR revisited!
I would like to thank the ladies from this RR all over again!
The Lion

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stop The Press!!

Okay, I have been reading my blogs, and I came across a post.  It said that she could not exclude her friends from out of the country.  Well that piked my intrest.  I clicked on the picture indicated.  It went to her give away post.  Here is the link:

Check out the pin cushin!  What I would like to know is how it is made!  WOW!  Now who would not like one of those as a birthday gift????

The Lion

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It Is A Challenge Swap!!!!!!

It is a challenge! It is a swap! It is a challenge swap! Yes, you heard right! We will be swapping something great and wonderful! I think that we will start of with tags! Yes, a tag challenge swap! So, here is where the challenge comes in..................

I will challenge each of the ladies who sign up for this swap to make three tags each. (Yes, cross stitchers are welcome!)
One will be in red. The second will be in blue. The third will be in lavender. The tags should be no smaller tha 5x3 inches and no bigger that 6x4 inches.
We each will get a swap partner and exchange our masterpieces! Mailing date will be April 12th 2010.

So, now everyone is asking themselves what do these tags look like???? I just happen to have the pictures right here!

This one was received by me from Hideko in a tag swap.

This one was received by me in a tag swap from Gail.

Now that everyone has the inspiration.................... I need the willing participents to come and play with me!!

After you comment on this post please email me you address for the swap! My email is .

Any Questions??

The Lion