Sunday, October 7, 2007


I worked on Ulla's blocks this weekend and finished them. This is the first is the first time I have used SRE on any block. (I did practice on one of my other blocks first though.) I had always used my ribbon work flowers. I make up all kinds of flowers and attach them as I had wanted.
The roses that were chosen for this month of the Sampler RR are made like one of my ribbon work roses that I like to use, only these are embroidered on the block not made then attached.
As a challenge this was a big one but I enjoyed it.
I was waiting to try the SRE as I had always thought that I would finish exploring the embrodering with floss then start on SRE. Now I know that I will never finish learning and exploring any CQ work. There is always going to be something new.

I found this leaf ribbon at one of my favorite online store as I was looking for items for the Christmas baggie swap. I had bought only one yard of this as I was not sure about what to do with it. I think I need more because I used it on this block my imagination ran wild! I also like how the roses turned out with the ribbon. Oh the possibilities!!

I enjoyed working with the neutral colors of these blocks. I used some brighter over dyed floss on these blocks. Some of the threads are variegated. I like to use the variegated threads, especially on flowers and vines as it creates a sun and shadow effect.

I have enjoyed the challenge of the Sampler RR. I am sad to see it almost at the end. This was a great experience for me as it helped me stretch my imagination and improve my abilities in embroidery. I am look forward to the challenges of a new RR though. I am also looking forward to next months new stitches.

Now to the joy of a new project!!