Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 2010

Here we are in July.  It has been a long,long while since I have posted on my blog.  I can tell y'all that I have thought about posting but just did not.  I can make any number of excuses but none of them will amount to anything.  What was just getting in my way was me and my inability to figure out how to manage my life.

I recently went to a self help class for my company.  It is Millennium 3.  I do have to tell you that it was an eye opener!  I met quite a few really wonderful people there and the majority of them went on the journey that I did.  The class did lift a lot of weight off of my shoulders.  Well rather my chest.  My chest just does not feel tight anymore.  I can actually see my life clearer now and what I want to do with the rest of my life and I did put allot of things in a new priority.

My quilting and my quilting groups are now above anything else in my life.  Well except for my children!  Then comes my work.  I also found out that my husband is just a part of me.  Looking out through clearer eyes I see new and more possibilities opening up!

So now I bet that you are asking yourselves what I am working on.  I have PICTURES!!!!!

Here are pictures of a fall landscape wall hanging that I am working on for my office wall:

These pictures are of the tip top.

I must say that I absolutely love my spider web!  I really love to make them.  No two spiderwebs are alike.  They are all different.

Here are pictures of the middle:

I am outlining the tree branches and trunk to give more of a textured effect.  I have a couple different shades of orange and some red ribbon that I am going to use for the leaves.  Just wait I will make this tree pretty yet!

As you can tell I did start out with a panel.  I found it at our local quilt shop.  (Just for the curious people the name of our local quilt shop is The Lost Pines Quilt Shop.  The owner Linda is wonderful!  She does like crazy quilting also.   She also supports it and tries hard to feed my need for CQ items!) The co-ordinating fabrics were also found at the quilt shop.  Yes, yes The Lion is working with all cottons.  Except for my embroidery threads.  Those are all silk as is the ribbon.  I am just loving how the fabric and the thread is contrasting.

Now for the bottom!

As y'all can see I am working on a house.  The detail that I am going to put in the house is not quite finished yet as y'all can tell but I think that everyone can get the idea.  I am going to sit down right now after I finish up on this post and finish the lower part of the house not quite sure what I am going to do with the roof but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

So now for an important question..........  What colors of flower do we find in the fall??  I know what I can find here in Texas but other parts of the country or the world in the fall???  Let me know as I am going to be working on my lawn next!

This is just an aside for the ladies of my StitchMap group.................Ms. Mischief is back and will be posting Mischief on someone............Now who is her next target??????  HHHHHUUUUMMMMMMMMM Could it be you?

The Lion