Thursday, April 30, 2009

How To Print A Silkie

Here is a tutorial for all who are new to crazy quilting or who have not tried to print up a silkie before.

Items that you would need:

silk or cotton printer fabric
Images that you would want to incorporate in your project

Here is a picture of some clip art that I found on a wonderful blog called The Rustic Victorian. Here is the link to check out this blog site: I am going to use these images for some silkies.
Here is a picture of the silk printer fabric that I use for my silkies. It comes in sheet form. It is the size of standard printer paper. Printer fabric also comes in cotton and on rolls. There is also many different brands. This is just the one that I use. Great for any project.After I have the images that I would like to print and the printer fabric, I am able to start making my silkies. You do not have to have my exact printer. My printer is a Mothers Day gift from my darling husband. It is an HP copier/scanner/printer. All you would need is a printer and you computer, for your silkies.

Before I print on my printer fabric, I send a plain piece of copy paper through my printer to make sure that I have the exact size that I want the silkies to be and to check on the colored ink.
The thing to remember about printer fabric is it uses a lot of ink. That is why I think the test paper is important. Plus you don't "waste" your printer fabric. I also adjust the ink to make the silkies darker after the test paper. That is if it needs to be adjusted. All printers are different and you would need to follow their instructions for color adjustment.

After everything is to your liking it is time to print out your silkies. When you are done you will have great fabric for your project.
Here is a suggestion for those "test" papers that you send through your printer. You can use them in you multi media projects. I purchase card stock and make Victorian cards by gluing the images to the front!
For all who are new to crazy quilting or any other needleart, and who would like one on one mentoring, check out StitchMap, a new Yahoo group at for free help.
Now for the best part of this post. I will have a drawing to give away the four silkies that I just printed up. Please, leave a comment to this post including your email address and I will draw a name out of a hat for one of the four silkies. So I will have four winners with one silkie each.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cobi's Autumn RR Block

Here it is! This is what I have so diligently have been working on!

Cobi's Autumn RR Block:

I had received this block in the mail about 2 weeks ago give or take some days. Cobi's note stated that she wanted someone to use this CUTE little silkie and a wonderful piece of tatting on her block.

I was the first one to get this block so I thought that the silkie needed to go on first. So I started to come up with a design the would incorporate it. Cobi is always on the "cutting edge" of CQ so I had wrote her a note asking if she minded that I used burned silk leaves on it. (It gave me the opportunity to try burning silk!) She also had wanted a spider and berries. As you can see I also put those on the block.

The berries are stump work berries. I used pony beads to make these.

This is also my first attempt in doing stump work. I thought they came out well. Now to try more stump work!

The tatting around the silkie is not the one Cobi had wanted to use on the block. It is a vintage piece that I had in my stash that I thought would lend its self to the block and the colors very well.

I have really enjoyed working on this block and am grateful to Cobi for letting me experiment with her block.

I am working on Karrin's Birds and Bees RR block at the moment and will hopefully have a post about it in no time!


Friday, April 24, 2009

Beautiful Art

I have to show this off! Bastrop has what is called Market Days on the second Saturday of the month. They close off Main and part of Pine streets and put up booths for crafts, etc. They also have live bands. I usually go every month that they have them. This month started of the "Market Days season". At Market Days they had a couple of artists who were selling prints of their original paintings. Here is the print I bought:

This was painted by an artist by the name of Natasha Mylius. She was born in the Rostov-on-Don region of Russia. She moved to New Orleans, and she came to Austin after the hurricane. Lucky us she stayed here! Her paintings are sssooo wonderful!! The one above makes you feel like you are there watching the couple dance. The ladies skirt seems like it is still swirling! The whole picture is in motion!

The colors are just perfect for my bedroom, too! I am now looking for that extra special frame so that I can hang it up! I just thought that everyone would appreciate this extra special painting.

Visit Natasha Mylius at her web site: .


Thursday, April 23, 2009

From Diane Knott

I got it, I got it! My teacup nest from Diane Knott came in the mail today!

Diane Knott, had a give away on her blog last week and my name was drawn! I won her teacup nest. It is the cutest little thing! I love it! Here are the pictures of it for those of you who have not seen it yet.

Diane, is a very generous person. I have traded with her before and she put in a few extras then. This bottom picture is the extra surprises she sent with the teacup. She knows I crazy quilt and sent silk from vintage kimonos. Also a book mark a cute heart ornament and two cards all of these items Diane designed herself! They are so AWESOME! It was enough to make me start crying all over again!
Oh! Let me not forget the cute beaded pin. It was a great treasure day!
Thank you so much Diane! This pick-me-up came at just the right time!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Grandmother

In a previous post I had talked about hitting potholes in life, and then falling into a crater. It is crater time again. I had received a call last Thursday from my dad telling me that my grandmother had had a massive stroke. He had said that it was only a matter of time................
I know that many people had, had these phone calls, so y'all know that feeling of falling into nothingness........... Friday I went and talked with my stepmother and found out that she had decided to quit taking her blood thinner. The doctors had said that it was only a matter of time.
I received the call this morning. My grandmother had gone to meet my grandfather in heaven. I know that she had missed him very much. She was 93 years old and had lived a great life.
To Myrtle Jane Wagner Painter. You will be missed VERY much!

Monday, April 20, 2009

P.O. Box Happiness!!!

I always stop by my PO box as something is always coming in it. If not goodies, it will be bills! Today I received some DVDs that I had ordered. I have been waiting on these as I had not purchased them for my collection yet. The first one is: Mister Roberts you know the one with Henry Fonda and James Cagney..........well also Jack Lemon. What can I say??? If you follow my blog you should know that he is my favorite comedic actor. I also got The Apartment with Jack Lemon, Shirley McClain and Fred Mac Murray. That should provide me with hours of entertainment!

I have saved the best for last! It is one of Pam Watson's beautiful beaded seahorses! He swam here all the way from England! Isn't he beaUTIful!!!! I am so excited. I just had to show him off! Pam does such wonderful bead work! This is a treasure that I will keep always! (Thank you, thank you, thank you, Pam!)

Y'all do know that he has to go on "Seanes", right?? He needs an ocean to swim in!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Burned Leaves

I have been wanting to try silk burning for a while now. The CQ's that I have seen with burned silk have been so striking! I thought that I would start out with some thing simple like burning leaves. That is how I spent my Saturday.

What prompted the leaf burning is in one of my online groups (CQI) the monthly challenge is incorporating Trees and Leaves in CQ. I of course have always put trees in my work so I have lots of pictures of trees. I have not ever just used leaves. Yesterday was the day to play with silk burning and the leaves! While I was burning the silk I had started thinking about an RR that I am in. It is an Autumn RR. The burned silk leaves would look GREAT for Autumn! Not only did I burn the olive green silk but I also took out some red and orange silk. As y'all can see from the picture above I have some great Autumn leaves!

I will be using them on (at the very least ) Cobi's Autumn block. The leaves turned out so great I just had to show them off today!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Allice In Wonderland

I have been shopping at the Elgin Antique Mall again! In March I has stopped and picked up these wonderful cards:
Then when I went back just before Easter I found these cards:

Now how neat are these?? I am not sure where these came from. A deck of cards? A board game? All I know is that I recognize them as Alice In Wonderland.
You know that when you go into these stores sometimes all you get is what you see, and to go back to get more?? It is a wonderful thing! If I go back and there are a few more there I know that the man who owns the booth is playing with me!
It is worth a try though as I would love to print these on silk and make a great CQ with these! Although I don't think that I will ever beat Simcha's Mad Hatter that she has on one of her blocks!
I will show y'all more of my booty from the antique mall later!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Winners For April's Blog Teaser

The winners for this months blog teaser are................................................

The winner of this months squishie is:


The winner for the silkie is......................................

M. Regina

The winner for the pin keeper is...................................

M. Regina

The winner of the big bonus, the great exp. pouch, is...............................


Ladies if y'all will make sure that I have your mailing addresses so that I can mail you your prizes. My email address: .

Now for the answers:

1)Any one who played Polyanna would be the answer the other two most popular are:
a)Mary Pickford
b)Hayley Mills

2)The title of the film which she had her Academy Award is:
a)The Little Foxes(She also had a part in the play on Broadway.)
b)Mary Astor for her portrayal of Sandra Kovak in The Great Lie

3)The Importance of Being Earnest:

a)Oscar Wilde wrote the play

b)John Gielgud

c)1947 Tony Award

Bonus one:

The inspiration for Cecily and Gwendolyn Pigeon:

a)Cecily and Gwendolyn in The Importance of Being Earnest.

The big bonus:

Questions from the Tudor times for acting:

a)It was against the law for women to act.

b)There were dangers from just about everything from the makeup that you had to wear(lead and mercury based) to things being thrown at you from off stage.

c)12 years old

3) Any of the playwrights from that era: William Shakespeare is my favorite, A Midsummer's Nights Dream Funny, funny, funny


Monday, April 13, 2009

"Catch My Star" Blog Teaser For April

Good morning to all! I hope that everyone had a happy Easter! Mine was very enjoyable. Here we are in April for another Blog Teaser. This month I am putting up one of my new acquisitions. This silkie is VERY fragile so I will be using a replica of this one at least on my "Catch My Star" quilt.

Here is Patricia Collinge:

She was born September 20, 1892, in Dublin, Ireland. Her first stage performance was at the Garrick Theater in London, England in 1904. In Little Black Sambo a play adapted from the children's book written by Helen Bannerman. She then came to America with her mother in 1907. She had a long and wonderful career in films and on stage. She passed away in 1974, in her home in New York City.

Now on to our teaser! Of course the first on to answer all the questions right gets a replica silkie and a squishie. The second to get all questions right gets the replica silkie of Patricia Collinge. Also we have a couple of GREAT bonus questions!

Here we go!

1) Patricia Collinge was the first Polyanna Whittier in the play Polyanna adapted from the children's book written by Eleanor H. Porter. Name 2 other actresses who played Polyanna Whittier.

2)What was the title of the film in which she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Also name the Actress who won the Academy Award that year.

3)Patricia Collinge was also in the play The Importance of Being Earnest. Who wrote that play? Which actor was the most famous Jack Worthing? What award did he win for the role?

Bonus #1:

Here is one of my Jack Lemon trivia questions. (You know we cannot leave out my favorite comedic actor!)

In The Odd Couple there were two sisters Cecily and Gwendolyn Pigeon. They were inspired by the characters Cecily and Gwendolyn in what play??

The right answer for bonus #1 gets a pin keeper.


Now for the big bonus question! I love to watch The Worst Jobs In History on the History channel. In the Tudor period one of the worst jobs was to be a boy actor. The questions to answer are:
1) Why were there no actresses in the Tudor period?
2) Name one of the Hazards of being an actor in that time.
3)Name one of the playwrights from that time.
4)How old was William Shakespeare when the first theater was built in England?

The first person to get the big bonus right gets this cute exp. model of a pouch that I made.
View one:
View two:

Good Luck. Email me the answers .

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Peggy's UTS

I finally have the time to write a little! Most of this week was spent on the computer getting things together for my son, Brandon to go to college. I am happy but yet a little sad also. My little boy is going to leave home. He is so excited! His college of choice is Texas Lutheran University in Seguin. Seguin is not far from Bastrop so I am not feeling to bad. It could be worse he could go out of state.

I have had finished Peggy's UTS block and thought that I would share it with everyone. This is a DYB RR so I got to work on for myself. Peggy had very pretty blocks to choose from. She machine embroidered a sea creature on each block. I chose the seahorse block. Seahorses are my favorite!I started by finding a piece of vintage lace that would go along with the first block done by Lisa Boni. Lisa had some very delicate work on the first block.
After finding the right lace piece it went along smoothly from there. I added "sea weed" by using the feather stitch. Shells from a vintage Hawaiian lei that I picked up in a antique store. I got it at a bargain as it really was falling apart. The "coral" that I added was using 4mm silk ribbon with the bullion stitch. Some MOP fish, lots of beads and of course I cannot let a block like this one leave my hands with out my little squid!

Here is a picture of the block that I stitched on:

For all my non CQI friends I have added a picture of the 2 finished blocks so far for this Round Robbin:

The first block in this picture is done by Lisa Boni, and the second block is the one that I stitched on. In my humble opinion they compliment each other very well. That is the challenge for the DYB RR's to have all the blocks go together! Here is to hoping that Peggy is going to like what was done on her block!
***I have been working on the bonus prize for my "Catch My Star" blog teaser. I want to post a picture of it when I post my challenge. It is special and not my usual pin keeper! I will be posting my challenge in a couple of days so watch for it!***

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What I have Been Up To

In the course of life you will always hit a few bumps in the road. Well last week we flew into a giant pot hole. I am sad to report one of my 16 year old darling daughters really good friends died in a drunk driving accident. My Stephie was devastated. I was not really happy to find out that the "party" that her friend went to, had liquor and that the alcohol was supplied by the parents of the child holding it. Not only that they let ALL those children drive home drunk!

My baby was to go to the prom with this girl and others, as they all had no dates for it and they all thought that it would be fun to go together. The prom was Saturday. None of the girls went. Stephie is still upset but is going on with life, I am proud to say. Today she is at a college fair that she has been eagerly wanting to attend.

In the middle of all of that I did get some work done! It is the time of the year for Chisholm Trial's cancer fundraiser. Chisholm Trail is a nursing home that I service, and have been servicing for about 3 years now. I was asked again this year to donate something. I made another pillow for them to raffle off.

Here it is:

Thanks to CQI I am in the spider web kind of mood! So this pillow got a spider web! Thank you to all the ladies in the Spider Web RR for some wonderful inspiration!

Starting up this month are 2 RR's that I have been waiting on since last year to start. So I made blocks for them this weekend.................................

Here is my nekkid block for the Autumn RR. I wanted to use fall colors of course. I dug into my stash and this block is the out come! While I was working on it I started to remember that movie "The Four Seasons" . The one with Alan Alda and Carol Burnett. The scene where the friends are driving in the Mercedes to the New England college where their children attended school. I remember all of the beautiful trees with their leaves turning autumn colors. Just beautiful! I cannot wait to see it start being embellished!

Then there is the Landscape II RR. The block that I made is a little bigger than I usually make but I am planning to use it in a curtain for my bed room. It is for a bigger window.
I also made it differently as the sky part is the white and yellow and the land part is the green and blue part. I wish that I could have gotten the picture to look right. Hopefully you get the idea!

I usually don't put stipulations on my blocks I like for the ladies stitching on it to do what they want, but this one.........................
They are going to find out sooner or later. I wanted the theme for this one to be an "enchanted forest". I found some cool faces at Shipwreck Beads, that I would like stitched into this block. Wait until you see them Cobi! Everything went out into the mail to you yesterday!
I am a little excited to see this block come together. Like I said it will have a place of honor in my bed room!
Right now I am currently stitching on Peggy's UTS RR block I should have it finished and up here for all to view in no time!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I found them! I found them!! I am excited as I thought that I had lost these pictures. I have a box of pictures that I have saved since childhood. It consists of some of my parents wedding photos(they are now divorced), older photos of my dad, his brother and sister, and his parents. I am missing one of my dad and his brother. These are photos of when they are younger. When my husband gave me my scanner/copier/printer, I wanted to scan these pictures with all the rest that I had and I simply could not find them.

Yesterday my darling daughter had me looking for one of her favorite childhood books, and in the deep recesses of my buffet I found the shoe box that I had these treasures in. I never found "The Foot Book" by Dr. Seuss but I found these!

Here are some of the photos:

This first photo is of me(I am the baby), my Mommie Wallace(My grandfathers mother), and my Grannie Lehman(My grandmothers mother). It looks like my Mommie Wallace's house she liked red. Her carpet, sofa, all her chairs, and lots and lots of red glass!

My mother at her graduation. So perfect to find as my darling son graduates this year!

My Aunt Nancy(My dad's sister) and her prom date!

My dad and aunt Nancy.

My dads family. This picture is of my dads parents, Mamarsh and Pappap, aunt Nancy, my dad and uncle Rod.

A picture of Mamarsh and aunt Nancy.

a picture of Papp and his dog.(My grandmother could not stand dogs. she said she had, had enough of them while growing up!)

The next two pictures are of me and my sister Kara. One of the rare occasions when it snows in central Texas!
Hey, check out that Ford Pinto!

These are just a few of my treasured memories! I hope that you enjoyed looking at them!