Saturday, April 18, 2009

Allice In Wonderland

I have been shopping at the Elgin Antique Mall again! In March I has stopped and picked up these wonderful cards:
Then when I went back just before Easter I found these cards:

Now how neat are these?? I am not sure where these came from. A deck of cards? A board game? All I know is that I recognize them as Alice In Wonderland.
You know that when you go into these stores sometimes all you get is what you see, and to go back to get more?? It is a wonderful thing! If I go back and there are a few more there I know that the man who owns the booth is playing with me!
It is worth a try though as I would love to print these on silk and make a great CQ with these! Although I don't think that I will ever beat Simcha's Mad Hatter that she has on one of her blocks!
I will show y'all more of my booty from the antique mall later!

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