Saturday, February 28, 2009

It Is An Under The Water Quilt!!

Here is another amazing quilt that I really liked. For some unknown reason it caught my attention, I can not imagine why............

Because this years quilt show was the biggest that they have ever had the isles were smaller and I could not capture the entire quilt in the picture so I took several pictures of each quilt. I am hoping that the pictures give you the idea of the beauty of these fine quilts!

This under the sea quilt both my daughter and I really loved! Now the back of which I could not get a picture of as the quilt was hanging against the wall has a mermaid that is big enough to take up the back of this quilt! A really great quilt angel, Fran, pulled the quilt back so that we could get an idea of how beautiful the back was. Several people commented that the back was better than the front! I wish that it was not against that wall. A nice picture of the back would have been in order!

I just love the seahorses! The sea floor of this quilt is just awesome!! I just wish that I could have gotten a whole picture of this quilt!

I hope that this brings some inspiration to the ladies in all the Under The Water round robins! I know that it has given me some needed inspiration!

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Best Little Quilt Show

Guess what this weekend is?? It is the weekend for "The Best Little Quilt Show In Texas"! I went to it today! I have lots and Lots of pictures. I figure posting them a little at a time. I had, just had to post these first! This year the guild featured crazy quilts. Due to all the OT at work "Seanes" was not finished in time for this show, but next year...............
I am bound and determined for Crazy Quilting to get its due!
I hope that I got all the pictures that I took of this little jewel! This one is so cool! You have just got to check out how she did the fringe for this wall hanging! The embellishments for this one are ssssooooo appropriate!

Oh the ideas that come to mind when you look at this one!
I will be posting more pictures of this wonderful show and showing off all the wonderful work of these talented ladies!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Yes, I Am Finished!!

With work back on some what of an even keel I have finally finished up on projects that should have been finished and out in the mail long ago! So everyone that is expecting a package from me they are on the way!

Now, this project has been a long one. When I had finally designed it and started it for a "surprise" for someone special I had thought that it was going to be a breeze to finish. Then other projects kept getting in the way. Then there is another hold up but didn't know that I t would be one when I decided to do it was the seam treatment. It was a bugger for me to get through but it was well worth it! The effect that the seam treatment gives was well worth it! Now y'all see where I put Janet's roses! Janet they are such fun to make!!

Here are the pictures:

Yes, I have taken many more pictures! I needed plenty of documentation. I think that I am going to have to make more!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Spree

How do y'all like her?? Okay, here is the story. I went on a good old fashioned shopping spree yesterday. I should have been here getting things ready to mail, but I was not. I was shoppinng! I decided I had been working so hard here up lately with all of the overtime that I needed to spend some of it! Some of my items are on order as I ordered them off line. Most of the things I got I went to some of my favorite places.

Like the above picture. I bought her at my favorite antique store. These ladies carry Great vintage laces and doilies among other things. They carry lots of vintage dolls. Have I ever told anyone that I love to collect dolls?? Well I do. When I saw this pin cushion I thought this one is for me! Of course she is a little on the expensive side but well worth it. Well to me she was.........

I had also went to Hobby Lobby and bought some satin DMC floss I cannot wait to try this stuff out. While on that isle I chceked out the varigated floss. My favorite floss to use. (Not just the DMC but the varigated type floss!) They were having a clearance on the varigated floss. Y'all know that I had to buy them out out of the clerance items! I bought a butt load of perle and regular DMC varigated floss! WHOO--HOO! They also had the Bead Treasure beads 1/2 off. Do you know what that ment?? I had to stock up of course!

The rest of my shopping would bore you as it had to do with new shoes and clothes for my rather large children!

Now out to the sewing table to finish up on things to send out!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A New Stitch Book

Okay, you are asking yourself: How many stitch books can one person have?? All of us are different and therefore have different reasons for obtaining more than one stitch book. My reasons are all author's have a different way to do the stitches. I usually look the stitch up in three different books and create it the easiest way for me.
When I saw this book:

I thought pretty much the same thing that I always do. An extra way to do the stitches. Maybe some new ones to boot!

When I got this book home today I opened it up. (How many of y'all actually wait to drive home from the PO to open your packages up?? Well, I don't wait either!) I sat in the PO parking lot and flipped through the book. WOW! I could not believe my eyes! Lots of new stitches! The diagrams are easy to follow. The instructions are very well written!

New stitches to me also. Or at least ones that I have not found in other books! Like the Breton Stitch, German Buttonhole Stitch, and lots of others. It shows how really easy the Checkered Chain Stitch is!

I cannot wait to try these out!! I think that I have found my new sewing basket companion! Now to find my highlight marker.

If any one is out there looking for a great new stitch book this is one that I would recommend getting!

Off to stitch!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

It Was The Tree!

It was the tree! There I said it that is what I am blaming this delay on! Never mind that two people quit at work and I worked 14 hours a day every day this week! That was not a factor in in any delay. I also cannot blame the running around of two of my children after school most of the week or the fact that I had a sick nephew staying at my house because his mother(my sister) had to go out of town. (Darn those state inspectors any way!)

Nope it was this tree.

As most of y'all know I love, love, love varigated threads. I had agreat color form a company called "The Dye Is Cast" it was called "Holly & Berries". Awesome combination! As y'all can see I used the word "had" because I used all of the thread. Now this is a small tree. You know s-m-all, small. It would not have used a whole skein of thread? Could it have?? Yes it did! I also was left with haveing a whole gap in my s-m-all tree. So off to my favorite needle point store to see if that is where I picked up the brand of thread.

Bummer, no it was not so I picked out several colors that would come close to matiching the colors of the thread that I was using. I filled in my huge gap in my s-m-all tree. I am thinking that it is not too bad. Well that is what I keep telling myself because to me it is so obvious to me. It just keeps walking up to me and smacking me in the head!

Off I go to finish up on this project as many others await on me!!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

It Is DONE!!

Here is what I have been working on for the past couple of weeks!! I have a Secret Sister. January was the last month and we needed to make our last gift special. During all the delays of getting her package out to her I changed my mind on what I wanted her to have. Here it is! I took the first block that I made for "Seanes" and made her a wall hanging! "Seanes" is my first attempt at a big CQ and I wanted her to have a part of it!

I finished the wall hanging like I am going to finish the quilt. Well give or take a few ideas. With this wall hanging done I know now what I would like to add or subtract from the finished "Seanes". So in this process I know now how to proceed. I am hoping that she likes it! This small one I have entitled "One Seane". This will go out in the mail Monday, Tuesday at the very late.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blog Teaser Answers

Here they are the answers to the blog teaser! I hope that everyone had fun with this teaser. I made it a little harder you know more of a challenge so more fun can be had by all! At least I thought that it would be more fun that way!
Here are the answers:

1)Ann Hunniwell and Mrs Lafe Regan

2) "The Little Teacher" and Edward G Robinson

3) Betty Graham and John Barrymore

Bonus question one:
1956 Tony Award Best Actor in a play "Middle Of The Night" (Edward G Robinson)

Bonus question two:
Ethel Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore
Dolores Costello
Elaine Barrie
Katherine Harris Barrymore
Michael Strange

The big winner of course is Shari. She wins the squishie with the replica silkie of Mary Ryan and a pin keeper.
Leslie, wins the replica silkie of Mary Ryan.
Kerry, wins a pin keeper for the second bonus question.

Congrats, Ladies!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blog Teaser Help

Here is the results I have so far for February's blog teaser. For the second bonus question Kerry was the first to get that one right! Kerry, gets one of the pin keepers. Now, the first one and the only one so far to get all the answers right is: Shari! Shari, gets the squishie! Shari also got one of the bonus questions.

There is still no second place winner. So I will give a hint before I give out all the answers.

The second question in this months teaser is giving the trouble.

The question is: In what play did Mary Ryan act in with a famous actor/writer? What was his name??

There was a hint in the bonus question. What award did this actor/writer win??

Here is a second hint:

This famous actor/writer stared in many movies. The first movie that he had a starring role in(that was also his most defining role) was titled "Little Cesar"

Let me know when you get the second question!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blog Teaser For February

Here it is time for my February Blog Teaser! This months actress is Mary Ryan.

Mary Ryan was born on November 11, 1885in Brooklyn, New York. She passed away on October 2, 1948 in Cranston New Jersey. She acted in numerous plays on Broadway but sadly was never a star. Well she is a star to me!
Here are the questions:

1)In 1919 Mary Ryan was in a play where she played 2 parts. What were the parts? What was the name of the play?

2) In what play did Mary Ryan act in with a famous actor/writer? What was his name? (For a bonus question: What award did this actor/writer win??)

3) In 1909-1910 Mary Ryan acted in a play called: "The Fortune Hunter". What was her part? Who played Nathaniel Duncan? ( Second bonus question: This actor who played Nathaniel Duncan, can you name his famous siblings?? Also how many wives did he have and what were their names???)

As usual the first person to get all three questions right gets a super "squishie" and a replica silkie of Mary Ryan. The runner up gets a replica silkie of Mary Ryan.

The first person who can answer each bonus question right will get a pin keeper!

Good Luck! Have fun learning about Mary Ryan!