Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blog Teaser For February

Here it is time for my February Blog Teaser! This months actress is Mary Ryan.

Mary Ryan was born on November 11, 1885in Brooklyn, New York. She passed away on October 2, 1948 in Cranston New Jersey. She acted in numerous plays on Broadway but sadly was never a star. Well she is a star to me!
Here are the questions:

1)In 1919 Mary Ryan was in a play where she played 2 parts. What were the parts? What was the name of the play?

2) In what play did Mary Ryan act in with a famous actor/writer? What was his name? (For a bonus question: What award did this actor/writer win??)

3) In 1909-1910 Mary Ryan acted in a play called: "The Fortune Hunter". What was her part? Who played Nathaniel Duncan? ( Second bonus question: This actor who played Nathaniel Duncan, can you name his famous siblings?? Also how many wives did he have and what were their names???)

As usual the first person to get all three questions right gets a super "squishie" and a replica silkie of Mary Ryan. The runner up gets a replica silkie of Mary Ryan.

The first person who can answer each bonus question right will get a pin keeper!

Good Luck! Have fun learning about Mary Ryan!


1 comment:

piney cq said...

Hi, Lyn! Sent my answers to ya privately! Twas a toughy! Not sure I got em! Thanks again for doing this!