Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Saturday

My Saturday morning came early. I had to take my oldest daughter to the school because she had a Winter Guard competition. After that I went grocerie shopping. A stop by the post office brought me my wayward Tea Swappy home! YEAH!!! I was so excited! You know we all get excited on getting new stash!! So Let me show y'all what treasures I found in it!

This stash baggie was what Leslie sent to me. Under the sea things! I see great sea weed, and cute fishes to put on my blocks!!! Thank you, Leslie!

I got some of Cobi's beautiful handmade motifs! I cannot wait to use them! Thank you, Cobi!

This baggie was Melissa. Guess what?? I have more cameos!!! Thank you, Melissa for all the GREAT items!

From Kerry I received some great vintage things! Oh the possibilities!! Look, I have more silks! Thank you, Kerry! Awesome stuff!

Oh! Look, I almost forgot to mention the tea! It all smells wonderful! I cannot wait to taste it all! Everything was worth waiting for!

With all the talk going around CQI about Altoids tins, here is what I found. I was in a convince store the other night and found the small Altoids tins! I am seeing great needle holders here. I am excited about the swap and cannot wait to try these out!

Now for this photo! I stopped by my favorite thrift store. I picked up some tins and looked around for silk things. There wasn't much but what I did find???? Check out this silk shirt! This shirt after taking it apart has BIG possibilities!! I just love those cancan dancers! Oh to let my imagination go....................



Anonymous said...

OMG - and what a Saturday it was! Love the blouse, love the tins, and I am hopping up and down ecstatically to know your tea swappy things are home AT LAST!!

Thelma said...

What an awesome day you had Lyn,,,wow what a collection of goodies. So glad you found some tins, they will be beautiful I am sure. And that shirt,,wow!! What a great find.

piney cq said...

Enjoy!!! And have fun swimmin' and stitchin' while you sip on your tea! LOL!!!