Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Next Block For "Seanes"

Here is the number 5 block for "Seanes"! I finished this block yesterday. I am happy to have at least this block done. Due to living with teenagers I am a little farther behind than I wanted to be this weekend on what I wanted to do. You know though when you accomplish just one finished item it makes you feel so good!

I have also put together the blocks for a DYB RR. It is also Under The Sea themed. I cannot wait to get started with this one! Here are the nude blocks for this RR:

As you can count there are nine blocks here not six. Here is the rub for these. I would like to make a smaller version of "Seanes" with blocks stitched on by all my on line CQ friends. So I have made three extra. I am to be looking for three volunteers to help stitch on these blocks. If there is any out there who would like to stitch on these blocks please let me know.

It is off to finish the surprise for Leslie..................................


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kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Lyn honey -I would LOVE to stitch an under the sea type block for you. Send it on! I would be honoured!