Monday, January 26, 2009

The New Book

I went on Amazon the other day and ordered some books. Here is the first one to come in. I cannot wait to try these flowers out! Oh, the excitement! I had thought while I was ordering these books that I wanted to have something new when I am working on "Catch My Star". I am waiting on three others and I will share those with you.

You know that it really amazes me that 2 years ago I was struggling with my art and now I feel that I am really going down the path that I want to take. The inspiration and support that I am getting from my online friends has no equal!

I went from not knowing what I was going to do next to having ideas for three different quilts lined up and working on a quilt of the fourth idea!

Thank you to every one for all of your support!


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Nathalie L. said...

Merci pour l'information. Ce livre a l'air formidable. Thank YOU