Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Saturday

My Saturday morning came early. I had to take my oldest daughter to the school because she had a Winter Guard competition. After that I went grocerie shopping. A stop by the post office brought me my wayward Tea Swappy home! YEAH!!! I was so excited! You know we all get excited on getting new stash!! So Let me show y'all what treasures I found in it!

This stash baggie was what Leslie sent to me. Under the sea things! I see great sea weed, and cute fishes to put on my blocks!!! Thank you, Leslie!

I got some of Cobi's beautiful handmade motifs! I cannot wait to use them! Thank you, Cobi!

This baggie was Melissa. Guess what?? I have more cameos!!! Thank you, Melissa for all the GREAT items!

From Kerry I received some great vintage things! Oh the possibilities!! Look, I have more silks! Thank you, Kerry! Awesome stuff!

Oh! Look, I almost forgot to mention the tea! It all smells wonderful! I cannot wait to taste it all! Everything was worth waiting for!

With all the talk going around CQI about Altoids tins, here is what I found. I was in a convince store the other night and found the small Altoids tins! I am seeing great needle holders here. I am excited about the swap and cannot wait to try these out!

Now for this photo! I stopped by my favorite thrift store. I picked up some tins and looked around for silk things. There wasn't much but what I did find???? Check out this silk shirt! This shirt after taking it apart has BIG possibilities!! I just love those cancan dancers! Oh to let my imagination go....................


Friday, January 30, 2009

Susan's Asian Nights

I have finished the final block in the Asian Nights RR. This block belongs to Susan. I wanted to make it special for her as she is going through a rough time. Of course her block has a Japanese theme. She put wonderful purple's and blue's into this block. When the block got to me the lower left hand corner was vacant. So here is what I added:
I put in the yellow "wispy" flowers in the purple block. I also added those cute little butterflies! I also added the purple and pink flowing vines. The yellow and blue butterfly under Cobi's beautiful wisteria vine. The yellow and orange leaves under the Geisha and the copper charm.

I hope that this block helps cheer Susan up a little. Thank you to Susan for letting me work on her block.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

6 Picture Meme

I was tagged for the 6 Picture Meme by my wonderful friend Kerry. Here is the sixth picture, from the sixth folder in my pictures. It is my Asian Nights block! I had just got this block back not too long ago. The rest of the story of this block you can find in the post: New Arrivals on this blog. I am still pondering on what to do with it
I got a little nervous counting down the folders. This folder is right in front of the one containing pictures and things for my next "Catch My Star" teaser coming up. THAT would have let the cat out of the bag so to speak!
Now here is my six to tag!
1) Shari.....Shari has an energy and excitement about CQ that you can just feel through the computer! Her blog: Lady J Spice's Cache, is just wonderful to keep up with!
2)Nicki Lee.......Nicki Lee does some very beautiful work! She has some under the sea blocks on her blog that are great inspiration for my CQ quilt "Seanes". Her blog: Nicki Lee's Raviolee Dreams, is just inspirational!
3)Ati.....Ati has beautiful stitching and ideas! I have recently had the privilege of having Ati stitch on one of my blocks for a round robin. It is a beautiful treasure! Her blog: Ati On The Crazy Road... is a wonderful travel through her imagination!
4) Jill......I like to think of Jill as the "pink" lady. She does a lot of her things in pink and white. Jill's work is so frilly and Victorian you just want it for your own. She was the inspiration for my Magic Moments blocks! She has a beautiful blog called: Blossoms and Lace.
5)Simona.....Simona does beautiful CQ. I have had the privilege of her working on one of my Magic Moments blocks. Simona's imagination has now bounds! I still love her parasol! Her blog: Stitch and More, is one that I frequently follow!
6)Hideko.....Hideko's stitching is one of my first inspirations. I have had the luck to have some of the items that she has made from the swaps that we have joined in together. They are some of my most cherished CQ items! She has a great blog: Wind From The East. If you want inspiration just go and take a look!
Now for the rules of fun:
You have to go to the pictures section of your computer find the sixth folder, and the sixth picture from it. Post it and tell the story behind it. Then choose six other people to tag. Ones that you know or don't know to do the same thing. After that you leave a comment on their blog or email them, letting them know that they are one of the chosen six.
Have fun!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Book Number Two

Here is the second book in the four that I bought. I am very excited about getting the new inspiration for my quilts! When I saw this book I thought that it might be great for my "Catch My Star" CQ as all of my actresses are from the Edwardian era. There are some awesome ideas for embroidery designs for "Catch My Star"!

Here is the page that just caught my eye! Oh, what wonderful designs! These can be used (All of the designs can really!) on ANY block.

What CQer hasn't wished for some great inspiration for baskets in their blocks?? I cannot wait to try one of these out!

This book on the whole is a great book and I would recommend it to any one for inspiration!

(I ordered it off of Amazon.)


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Arrivals

I have some new arrivals! First off my beaUTIful Asian Nights Block has arrived! It is absolutely wonderful! The work these ladies have put in it is just fantastic!!!! I want to thank all the ladies who worked on it: Susan, Meg, Sossity, and Cobi. Thank you ladies for sharing your talents with me!

I am going to have to think of something extra special for this block!

Here is my next new arrival. His name is Tippy. My daughter brought him home Sunday. She told me that her daddy said that she could keep him. Here it is Tuesday and guess who is house breaking him?????? So I guess under child/parent law that makes him mine.
From what I am told he is one of a litter of ten puppies that are being given away. Apparently the family has given his mother away already. I took him to the vet yesterday and was told that he is between six and eight weeks old(The family could not remember when he was born.) So he got his first shots. His weight?? He is only 2.9 pounds! He is a lively little snot if I ever saw one. My slippers are not safe!

He almost would not sit still for these pictures! Oh, yeah! He is part Lab and part American Pit Bull. He also snores when he is sleeping!
So those are my new arrivals, wonderful aren't they???

Monday, January 26, 2009

The New Book

I went on Amazon the other day and ordered some books. Here is the first one to come in. I cannot wait to try these flowers out! Oh, the excitement! I had thought while I was ordering these books that I wanted to have something new when I am working on "Catch My Star". I am waiting on three others and I will share those with you.

You know that it really amazes me that 2 years ago I was struggling with my art and now I feel that I am really going down the path that I want to take. The inspiration and support that I am getting from my online friends has no equal!

I went from not knowing what I was going to do next to having ideas for three different quilts lined up and working on a quilt of the fourth idea!

Thank you to every one for all of your support!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's All Fruity

I have found more fruit! YEAH! I just love the original cigarette silks! They are so wondrous! So let me show off the fruits of my labor so to speak!

Here are my first three that I had. Some of y'all might remember from a post from last year.

My pineapple!

My strawberry!

AAAHHHH the cherries!

Here they are all of my new silks! Watermelons and apple in this first picture.
Raspberries, peach and Grapes here in the second picture!

I am having so much fun finding these little treasures! I am just lining up ideas for quilts faster than I can make them! I am hoping that I can find more of these fruit silks. I am seeing in the far future a really fruity quilt! That one would have to come after "Catch My Star" though!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Isn't It Romantic??

My Magic Moments RR blocks had come home. Well.................. They had come home a little while ago but this is the first time that I had to take pictures of them and share them! I am going to make a wall hanging out of them. I am thinking that the name of it will be "Isn't It Romantic". I have a few designs that I am working out for putting them together.................. That is for another post. Let me show you my blocks!

This block was embellished by Leslie. She added a picture of a young Queen Victoria. The stitching on the seams are just beautiful! I am going to have to try the fly stitch lace one day!
This block was done by Laurie. She was the first to put on Queen Victoria. Yes, Queen Victoria's picture is tinted pink! She matches the block perfectly! With all the roses, lace and flowers, doesn't this block just say Victorian??

Here is the block that Ati had embellished for me. It is just beautiful. Ati put on a cameo. Cameo's are my favorite! I have a big collection of them on the walls as well as jewelery! Ati was also VERY generous to me and has shared a couple of her vintage buttons. One of them her mothers! This is a gift that I will always treasure! Thank you, Ati!
Thia next block was done by Simona. It is so beautiful, frilly, and Lacy. Very romantic! The parasol was a perfect touch! As I have shown off these blocks here the ladies have been drawn to this parasol! Studying it so that they can reproduce it on block of their own!

This next block was again done by Leslie! This time she added a picture of the whole family of Queen Victoria. All the lace and beads on this block just say Victorian romance! One day I am going to have to try beaded stitching!

Last but not least, is the block embellished by Cobi. Cobi is a multi talented lady! She not only has a perfect hand for stitching but she can also make her own crochet motifs! I absolutely love the spider web that she put in the middle of her block! Of course my favorite the cameo!

It as always is a privilege and an honor to work with these very talented ladies in this RR. Thank you so much to all of them for all the beautiful work that y'all have done on my blocks. They are a great treasure! Thank all of you for the gift of your talent!
Now to put them together!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Next Block For "Seanes"

Here is the number 5 block for "Seanes"! I finished this block yesterday. I am happy to have at least this block done. Due to living with teenagers I am a little farther behind than I wanted to be this weekend on what I wanted to do. You know though when you accomplish just one finished item it makes you feel so good!

I have also put together the blocks for a DYB RR. It is also Under The Sea themed. I cannot wait to get started with this one! Here are the nude blocks for this RR:

As you can count there are nine blocks here not six. Here is the rub for these. I would like to make a smaller version of "Seanes" with blocks stitched on by all my on line CQ friends. So I have made three extra. I am to be looking for three volunteers to help stitch on these blocks. If there is any out there who would like to stitch on these blocks please let me know.

It is off to finish the surprise for Leslie..................................


Monday, January 5, 2009

Meg's Asian Nights Block

Well here it is I am done! Meg has a wonderful block the colors are so dark and rich! Spicy like! On her card she had said that the block reminded her of Arabian Nights, so she had wanted Islamic based themes. When I got the block I went on the Internet and printed up some very gorgeous Islamic paintings. While I was studying them I started thinking Aladdin! Ssssooooo I made some "wispy" plants. The red that is so predominate in the paintings flowers blended with the fabric so I made them blue. It goes much better as there is lots of blue in the block as you can see.
I also made a beaded fringe to match Cobi's beaded ribbon. I also added more beads in the block to try and even out the "heaviness" But we still have another person in this RR I left some space for her to do her thing!

Meg, I hope that you like it! Off to another project!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Catch My Star" Winners For January

Here they are! The winners for this months "Catch My Star"! The first to come in with all the right answers is Leslie E. Leslie gets the replica silkie and the squishie. The second to come in with all the right answers is Ann F.

Now for the two bonus questions! The first to come in with the right for the first bonus question is Shari in CO. Shari, gets the CQ pin keeper. Now for the after thought bonus question the one who got that one right is Leslie E. Yeah, to all the winners!

Now for the answers:

1)What city and state was Nora Bayes born in and what was her given name?

Joliet Ill., Leonora Goldberg

2)To whom was she married to and what was their hit song?

Jack Norworth, Shine On, Harvest Moon

3)What war did Nora Bayes record songs for to boost morale?


Now the first bonus question:

What movie of Jack Lemmon's was the hit song "Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans" in and who was the co-star who sang it?

1)The Wackiest Ship In The Army

2)Ricky Nelson

Now for the very last bonus question.
In one of my previous "Catch My Star" teasers, one of my actresses stared in a Broadway production with another one of Jack Lemmon's co-stars. What actress was it and what is this co-stars name?

1)Frances Star

2)Walter Mattheau

Congrats to all the winners. If I can get Shari and Ann's addresses I will mail out your prizes!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Special "Catch My Star"

Here is a special bonus question, for "Catch My Star". While I was out in the living room watching my favorite Jack Lemmon movie this question came to me. In one of my previous "Catch My Star" teasers, one of my actresses stared in a Broadway production with another one of Jack Lemmon's co-stars. What actress was it and what is this co-stars name?
I will get together a special "surprise" for the person who answers this question right!

"Catch My Star" For January

I would like to wish every one a: HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2008 was a wonderful year, 2009 looks to be even better! I hope that every one had a wonderful Christmas!

Here is our first "Catch My Star" blog teaser for the year! I also have a BIG bonus question at the end so hold on tight and I will introduce you to this months star!

She is, big drum roll please.....................................Nora Bayes!

Now down to the teaser!

1)Nora Bayes was born in 1880. What city and state was she born in and what was her given name?

2)In 1908 she was married. To whom was she married and what was their hit song?

3) What war did Nora Bayes record songs to boost morale?

Those are our three questions. As always the first person to get ALL three right will receive a squishie and a replica picture of this months actress. The second person to get all three right will get a replica picture of this months actress.

Now this month we have a bonus question! This one will get you a Pin Keeper!

One of my all time favorite comedic actors is Jack Lemmon. He of course starred in quite a few wonderful films that I am proud to own! (I do torture my children with one or two on any given Sunday!)

Now at this time you are asking yourself: "What does this have to do with Nora Bayes?"
Just this:
From 1924 to 1928 Nora Bayes had an pianist accompany her while she sang. His name is Louis Alter. He was the writer of some very popular tunes. The one this question is on is called "Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans".
Now this song was sung in a movie which Jack Lemmon starred in. Now the bonus question is: What movie was this and who was the co-star who sang the song?
Upon request in a private e-mail I will give out one hint to who ever would like one for this question!
I hope that every one has fun with this months "Catch My Star" teaser!
Good Luck!!