Monday, January 5, 2009

Meg's Asian Nights Block

Well here it is I am done! Meg has a wonderful block the colors are so dark and rich! Spicy like! On her card she had said that the block reminded her of Arabian Nights, so she had wanted Islamic based themes. When I got the block I went on the Internet and printed up some very gorgeous Islamic paintings. While I was studying them I started thinking Aladdin! Ssssooooo I made some "wispy" plants. The red that is so predominate in the paintings flowers blended with the fabric so I made them blue. It goes much better as there is lots of blue in the block as you can see.
I also made a beaded fringe to match Cobi's beaded ribbon. I also added more beads in the block to try and even out the "heaviness" But we still have another person in this RR I left some space for her to do her thing!

Meg, I hope that you like it! Off to another project!


Meg said...

It's so pretty! I still love this block, and you added things that fit so well. Thank you!

Bear said...

This is such a pretty block and I am sure Megs going to blown away when she gets it back home
ooh so pretty
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

Thelma said...

Love your additions to Meg's block..Beautiful work!!

Anonymous said...

The blue flowers are excellent against the red, and very pretty too! Lynn, SoCal