Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday To Sugar!

For all of y'all who have been following my blog y'all know that I did some altered CQ tins for a swap a few months back. As you know that as you are creating something the realization always kicks in and "HELLO" these really make GREAT gifts! This is one of those ideas. I figure my family will be getting one of these for Christmas. I know that my Grandmother will like hers. My sisters they act like it is not a big deal but...................I do notice that when they move whatever I make them usually moves in the first load.
Now for my best friend and her daughter. My best friend Michelle ALWAYS likes what I make her and is not afraid to let me know that these items make her day. She even shows them off to all her guests! Her daughter Sugar, well she is the same way. Actually she expects something hand made every year for her birthday. It really is a challenge to come up with something different every year.

This year I did a altered CQ tin for her. Complete with a fairy silkie. Sugar loves fairies. Everything that I do for her I put a fairy on it for her.

I had met up with her and Michelle at one of our favorite thrift stores and I Sugar pick out a tin that she liked. Sugar does have to be a little different and sometimes difficult! The tin that she picked out for me to fix for her birthday..........*SIGH*.............I had to go the drawing board and do some brain storming!

As you can see from the pictures I did not do too bad!

What did y'all think of this tin?????

Here is a picture of my sweet Sugar with her new decoration for her Fairy Palace room!


Cindy's Block

Her is the challenge of the Autumn RR. Our friend Cindy made a pumpkin for the autumn RR for every one to stitch on. As y'all can see from the picture she put it all together so that she could get the seams done for her also. I was the third person in this RR to work on this "block". The easier sides were already done. I got the middle of the pumpkin to do. Let me tell you it made for some interesting stitching! I think that I even stood on my head to stitch on this one!

I can not wait to see this pumpkin all put together! I am betting that it is going to be beautiful! Well anyway this pumpkin is off to Rita for her beautiful stitching!

The picture of my work:

By the way the Lost Pines Crazy Quilt Group met today and Debbie H. is working on a pumpkin of her own. I can't wait to see hers done she was working on a sunflower when I left her. She is doing it out of the woven picots! I am betting that Debbie's will be stunning also!


Arlene's Summer DYB

Hello everyone! I am back. It has been a very busy past month! School is almost in and have been getting children ready for school. I have also had some guests. Three children who have only their father to look out for them. Well.........He went to jail on some outstanding traffic tickets and they came to stay for a while until he got out. I had them to buy for also. So as they say I have been busier than a one armed wall paper hanger!

Now that my guests have gone home and my computer is all mine again I will be able to post like I should. When School starts I am hope for some peace also!

I am going to start posting the work that I have finished.

The first one is Arlene's Summer DYB block. I finished it and mailed it out earlier this week. Here is the picture of it:

I wanted to go for a different look. I am also hoping that Arlene likes the block as it is different! I wanted to make a landscape scene with only flowers. How did I do? I am also hoping that this block says "Summer".
Well, off for now I have a class to teach!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Simona's Landscape Block

I have this book. It is a really neat little book with lots and lots of inspiration in it. It is called The Silk Ribbon Embroidery Bible by Joan Gordon. About mid way through this book is a section called Motif Library. The past few blocks that I have stitched on I have really worn out this section. This block is no exception!

I found a motif that I adapted to Simona's block. Complete with snapdragons! (If you will scroll down my side bar you will see that the snapdragon is the flower that I am!) I really liked how this turned out all except for the rather large pink flowers at the bottom. I thought about taking them out but then stopped. Maybe Simona would like them?? If you don't like them Simona it will not hurt my feelings at all if you remove them.

I also have some butterfly and bee beads to add to the block, I am going to send them along to Cobi and let her attach them. I did not want them to be in her way when she started with her inspiration!!

Here is a picture of Simona's whole block so far.

Here is a close up on the SRE that I added to the block.

I hope that you like it Simona!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

July Teaser Winners!

Hello, and good Saturday to everyone! I have The results to this months Teaser.

They are:
First place squishie and silkies of this months actress:
Once again for the second month in a roll...........Ann F. Yeah!

Second place winner for the silkies of this months actress:

Now for the bonus winner The lucky lady who gets the Super Duper squishie:
Skye, Yeah!!!

Here are the answers to the Teaser:

2)Persian Maltese cat named Popham and a pair of doves named Romeo and Juliet
4)any four of her plays would do.
5)The Pride of Jericho and Dorthy Vernon of Haddon Hall

Now for the answers for the bonus:

1)Suicide is Painless

2)Benjamin Franklin "Hawk Eye" Pierce :Alan Alda/Donald Sutherland
John Francis Xavier "Trapper" McIntyre: Wayne Rogers/Elliot Gould
Franklin Marion "Frank" Burns: Larry Linville/Robert Duvall
Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan: Loretta Swit/Sally Kellerman
Walter Eugene O'Reily: Gary Burghoff played both parts
Henry Braymore Blake: McLean Stevenson/Roger Bowen

3)Brigadier Bradley Barker/The dukes of Hazzard/Boss Hogg

Here is another interesting fact of Sorrell Brooke: He was a veteran of the Korean War.

Ladies, I hope that you enjoyed this Teaser!