Saturday, August 22, 2009

Arlene's Summer DYB

Hello everyone! I am back. It has been a very busy past month! School is almost in and have been getting children ready for school. I have also had some guests. Three children who have only their father to look out for them. Well.........He went to jail on some outstanding traffic tickets and they came to stay for a while until he got out. I had them to buy for also. So as they say I have been busier than a one armed wall paper hanger!

Now that my guests have gone home and my computer is all mine again I will be able to post like I should. When School starts I am hope for some peace also!

I am going to start posting the work that I have finished.

The first one is Arlene's Summer DYB block. I finished it and mailed it out earlier this week. Here is the picture of it:

I wanted to go for a different look. I am also hoping that Arlene likes the block as it is different! I wanted to make a landscape scene with only flowers. How did I do? I am also hoping that this block says "Summer".
Well, off for now I have a class to teach!

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