Sunday, October 25, 2009

Have I Shown You This Yet????

As all who have been following my blog know I am crazy about the altered tins! Absolutely, LOVE them! I think that they make a GREAT gift! I had been following a blog for a while now called A Swap For All Seasons. I enjoy seeing the multi-media art that the ladies and also the owner Linda makes. Just beautiful stuff!

Last season Linda had a altered Altoids tin swap. Seeing as how I love working these, I entered it! At the end of the season I sent my tin off to its new owner Becky. Here is a link to Becky's blog:

Becky made me this BEAUTIFUL tin! I think that it is absolutely darling! The little bird on it made me smile! It still does!

The nest that was inside of it made my day! When I need a pick-me-up I always pick this tin up and look at it again!
Becky also sent me some fodder for my CQ! These treasures have been assimilated into my stash for "Catch My Star". I am hoping to get started on "Catch My Star" here in the next year! First, I have to finish "Seanes" .

Theresa, a 19yo who goes to the N' Stitches meetings has me hooked on the multi-media art! Well.........her and Linda. Thanks Linda for letting me "play" on your blog!
I have entered into the Linda's Altered Cabinet Card Swap! I am very excited about it! I have found the card that I am going to use and inspiration is starting to hit!
For those who want to check out A Swap For All Seasons here is her link:
Off to stitch.......................
The Lion

The Lion's Stockings

Here they are! My stockings for the swap! I was able to get two of them done. I had other visions for them. I have had the Santa pictures for a while. They are the cutest Victorian Santas. A friend of mine sent them to me. I really cannot call them silkies as they are a kind of hard cotton! But that is okay I figured out how to use them any way!

Here is stocking number one:

Here is stocking number two:

So................... What do y'all think??
I hope that everyone is getting ready for next years swap! The theme for next year is going to be Angels!
The Lion

First Arrivals For The Lions 2009 Stocking Swap

Hello, everyone the fun is afoot! The first arrivals have arrived for The Lions Stocking Swap. Here are the pictures for the first three arrivals:

The first one is a picture of Gerry's wonderful Victorian boot! Gerry's boots are just Drool making!

Here is a picture of both the front and back of Karen's stocking! I wanted to show you the back as she has a beautiful picture of a Red Work Santa on it! Absolutely beautiful!

And last but not least is Ruby's cheery stocking! Just too cute! Ruby, WOW!!! How can my stockings even compare to your cool stocking???

We are still waiting on the USPS to cough up the last of the stockings! Hopefully they will do that soon!
The Lion

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Other Making Memories Quilts

The other quilts for the Making Memories Foundation where just as stunning! The exhibit was a real "show stopper"! I thought that y'all would like to see a few pictures of the quilts there! I am going to use these for inspiration!

So? What did y'all think??
The Lion

The Big Reason

As most of y'all who follow my blog know I am part of CQI. I in the past made some blocks for the Making Memories project through this group. I am also in the process of making some for the project this year. I will have those blocks up for y'all before to long.

The big reason that I made it to this years Houston Quilt Show is to see the quilts that CQI had made for the Making Memories Foundation.

Here they are:

I am also putting up a rare picture of myself as I don't like taking pictures!

I hope that everyone at CQI is as excited about seeing these pictures as I am! Well of the quilts not me. I am surprised the camera still works!
The Lion

The Houston International Quilt Show

I went this year! Who-Hoo!! I went with my sister Brandi, her boyfriend Alex, and my nephew Tyler. I took many pictures but here is a sample of the AWESOME quilts that you could find there:
This first quilt my nephew spotted and he said Aunt Lyn take a picture of this one! It is so cool! So I did he wants a picture sent to him.

This second picture is just on of many quilts that I took pictures of. I LOVE the Hawaiian quilts! I took a picture of every one of those. I thought that they were just stunning! Maybe one day I will attempt to make one of these.

This one is just too cool! I thought that this quilt would be great inspiration!

Here is the next one that my nephew fell in love with! He thought that this one was just a poster. When he got up next to it he was just stunned to learn that it was just another awesome quilt! So he was saying once again "Take a picture Aunt Lyn"!

Here is another great inspiration quilt.

My sister who does not usually like to go to things with me as they really are not interesting to her, really enjoyed herself! Both her and her boy friend. I think that she just might go with me to next years. I hope so as she lives there in Houston!


The Lion

Friday, October 16, 2009

Karrin's Summer DYB

We are coming down to the last on this RR. Karrin's block is the second to the last. I have proudly finished my block for this RR and have sent it on! I thought that you might want to see the three blocks previously done by others so that y'all can get where my inspiration went!

Here they are:

Karrin's blocks are going to go into a wall hanging called "Summer Days and Summer Nights". So she made three blue blocks and three yellow blocks. I chose to work on a yellow block. I love the color yellow it is so bright and lovely........................

I went along with the silkie theme. The silkie that I chose to put on this block reminds me of a cottage on a summer day. Of course I encrusted the block. Sorry, but that is where the inspiration led me! Roses! I had to put on roses, what is a summer day without them!

Here is my block:

Karrin, I hope that you like it! It is now off to its last stop on the way home!


The Lion

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cobi's Landscape

Finally!! After "Stitchers Block" I have Cobi's landscape block ready to go home! I hope that Cobi likes what I have done for her. When I got this block the only thing that was not stitched on was a little corner of the block so..............I made Cobi a flower field. I "played" with some SRE flowers that I have been wanting to attempt.

Here is a close up of the corner "flower field" that I stitched for Cobi.

Here is the whole block.

I am going to mail this block out tomorrow. Thanks Cobi!
The Lion

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I am starting to get in blocks from the replacement wedding quilt! They are so stunning! I cannot wait to see this quilt put together!

I have blocks from Kathy(Shawkl), Amber R, Eileene G, and Angela W. Each of the ladies have done a wonderful job on them!

Here in the first picture I have four blocks put together. Kathy's, Eileene's, and Amber's.

Here is Angela's wonderful block. Angela, sorry but your beautiful shell did not make it through the mail system. I will re-attach it for you.
Thank you to all the ladies y'all have done a wonderful job! I could have not done it with out y'all!
The Lion

Friday, October 2, 2009

Journal Winner

There is a winner! There is a winner! From the sweet fingers of my darling Stephanie comes a winner! The winner for my "Journal Giveaway" is: Karen!

Karen could you email me your snail mail address??? I will get it right out to you!