Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Big Reason

As most of y'all who follow my blog know I am part of CQI. I in the past made some blocks for the Making Memories project through this group. I am also in the process of making some for the project this year. I will have those blocks up for y'all before to long.

The big reason that I made it to this years Houston Quilt Show is to see the quilts that CQI had made for the Making Memories Foundation.

Here they are:

I am also putting up a rare picture of myself as I don't like taking pictures!

I hope that everyone at CQI is as excited about seeing these pictures as I am! Well of the quilts not me. I am surprised the camera still works!
The Lion

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piney cq said...

YEAHH!!! Now I finalllllly know whatcha look like girl friend! VBG! GOAJUS!!! So what'd you think of the quilts? are they ok??? I'm just soooo excited they were there! KEWL!