Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Houston International Quilt Show

I went this year! Who-Hoo!! I went with my sister Brandi, her boyfriend Alex, and my nephew Tyler. I took many pictures but here is a sample of the AWESOME quilts that you could find there:
This first quilt my nephew spotted and he said Aunt Lyn take a picture of this one! It is so cool! So I did he wants a picture sent to him.

This second picture is just on of many quilts that I took pictures of. I LOVE the Hawaiian quilts! I took a picture of every one of those. I thought that they were just stunning! Maybe one day I will attempt to make one of these.

This one is just too cool! I thought that this quilt would be great inspiration!

Here is the next one that my nephew fell in love with! He thought that this one was just a poster. When he got up next to it he was just stunned to learn that it was just another awesome quilt! So he was saying once again "Take a picture Aunt Lyn"!

Here is another great inspiration quilt.

My sister who does not usually like to go to things with me as they really are not interesting to her, really enjoyed herself! Both her and her boy friend. I think that she just might go with me to next years. I hope so as she lives there in Houston!


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