Sunday, October 7, 2007


I worked on Ulla's blocks this weekend and finished them. This is the first is the first time I have used SRE on any block. (I did practice on one of my other blocks first though.) I had always used my ribbon work flowers. I make up all kinds of flowers and attach them as I had wanted.
The roses that were chosen for this month of the Sampler RR are made like one of my ribbon work roses that I like to use, only these are embroidered on the block not made then attached.
As a challenge this was a big one but I enjoyed it.
I was waiting to try the SRE as I had always thought that I would finish exploring the embrodering with floss then start on SRE. Now I know that I will never finish learning and exploring any CQ work. There is always going to be something new.

I found this leaf ribbon at one of my favorite online store as I was looking for items for the Christmas baggie swap. I had bought only one yard of this as I was not sure about what to do with it. I think I need more because I used it on this block my imagination ran wild! I also like how the roses turned out with the ribbon. Oh the possibilities!!

I enjoyed working with the neutral colors of these blocks. I used some brighter over dyed floss on these blocks. Some of the threads are variegated. I like to use the variegated threads, especially on flowers and vines as it creates a sun and shadow effect.

I have enjoyed the challenge of the Sampler RR. I am sad to see it almost at the end. This was a great experience for me as it helped me stretch my imagination and improve my abilities in embroidery. I am look forward to the challenges of a new RR though. I am also looking forward to next months new stitches.

Now to the joy of a new project!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


The top picture is of the blocks before I started stitching on them. The work done by Hideko and Leslie is just beautiful.

These next two pictures are trying to get a good angle so that you can see what I have done. It looks better when you see it in person. I am just not real good with this camera although I am learning. The pale pink that I used on the blue shows up better in person. I quite enjoyed using the new IMPRESSIONS thread.

The last two pictures are of the second block. As you can see I just love my French Knot. I call it my flavoring stitch. I think that it just adds an extra something to any project. I must say that I am enjoying this RR as it is challenging me to do to think out of the box so to speak. That is why I joined this group to begin with as it is helping me to sharpen not only my skills but my imagination.

I hope that Debbie likes what I have done to her blocks. They were fun to work on.


This top picture is of a new line of over dyed threads that I have found! I just cannot wait to use them! They look to be of good quality. Of course I just love variegated threads! I am always looking for good quality variegated threads. This brand is call THE DYE IS CAST. They carry colors like EGGPLANT, MARIGOLD, SUN&SHADOW, HOLLY AND BERRIES and CANDY COMA.(Gotta love that name!)

These two are of another new brand that I have stumbled across The names of the colors are OVER THE RAINBOW and GLORY. This thread brand is CARRIE'S CREATIONS. These also look of high quality and are over dyed.

Of course I have picked up my good old stand by's by WEEKS DYE WORKS. I picked up a few new colors MOTHERS DAY, CELEBRATION and SWEET PEA. This is one of my favorite brands.

Last but not least for sure is a new type of thread that I am going to work with. It is from IMPRESSIONS. This group of threads is a 50/50 mix of wool and silk. I worked with it some on Debbie's Sampler RR blocks.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


It has been an exciting weekend so far. As you can see the halloween baggie swap has come in. To the left you can see a picture of my goodies. I am so excited!! I entered this swap so that I could get diffrent things for my youngest daughters crazy quilt that I am going to make her. She just loves Halloween. I would like to thank all the ladies of this swap and let them know that they have made a 13 year old girl so happy! Thank you to: Betsy Hite of williamsburg, OH; Pam Horne of KC, MO; Marietta Brown of Davie, FL;Winnie Ursini of Oak Harbor, WA; Megin Murphy of Pass Christian, MS; Patti Gardner of Picture Rocks, PA; Sandy Fields of Newnan, GA; Gayle Morris of Kansas City, MO; Darlene Doerscher of Owosso, MI; Marci Mills of Ft Meyers, FL; Marlene Hinton of West Covina, CA. Thank ladies one and all! I can not wait for you to see the quilt once it is done!
Tomorrow I will do my Round Robin and put up the pictures. I need to take pictures of all my new thread that I got in It is so exciting. I hace discovered a new brand of thread! I cannot wait to use it and see how it does.
It is always nice to have a good weekend after a rough week at work!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Pictures From My New Camera

Hello, I am back. It has taken a while to get to the point where I can blog again. Work has been something else for the past three weeks. On of the best things to come out of it is that my friend Michelle is back form the home office in Ft. Worth. I miss her when she is gone! She is a quit lover also. The projects that I have set for myself this week end are a cellphone holder and to stitch on some dolls for the Christmas exchange for CQI.
The top picture is of an antique quilt. It was dated from about 1845.

These top two pictures are of a block that I finished recently. The detailing on the fan if you can see it Was Michelle's idea. I out lined the fan in gold thread. Have I recently said that I love the feather stitch!

The last two pictures are of a block that I did a while back. I am going to put together these blocks for a lap quilt for my Grandmother for Christmas. When I am finished I will put up pictures for you to see.

I am hoping that I will get better at this picture stuff as I learn to use my camera.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


This is my very first block. I just recently added the fan and the flower vines. Until now it seemed unfinished. For some reason it still does.
This is one of my first CQ blocks.

I buy my replica cigar lables from a lady who lives in Florida.

Mabe one day I will have the time to make them myself.

A picture of the whole block.

This is the only block that I have left from last year. I gave most of them away as pillows for Christmas gifts for friends and family.
I also did some cases for eyeglasses no pictures of them as they went out as gifts.
**I work for a lab that goes into the nursing homes and draws blood for the residents. (I worked on a route of six nursing homes up until six months ago when I got my promotion.) I gave all of those away to the residents.**


This is my tree that took me forever to do.
I am proud of it!


I have some pictures. I am hoping that I will get better at this as time goes on.
These are pictures of a block that I finished off in the feather stitch.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

About Me

My name is Lyn Gaskill. I have married for seventeen years. I have three wonderful children Brandon, Stephanie and Lora.

I have a passion for crazy quilting. I hope to share this passion with others. As this is my first time posting and working with a blog this page will probably be under construction for a while.