Thursday, September 20, 2007


The top picture is of the blocks before I started stitching on them. The work done by Hideko and Leslie is just beautiful.

These next two pictures are trying to get a good angle so that you can see what I have done. It looks better when you see it in person. I am just not real good with this camera although I am learning. The pale pink that I used on the blue shows up better in person. I quite enjoyed using the new IMPRESSIONS thread.

The last two pictures are of the second block. As you can see I just love my French Knot. I call it my flavoring stitch. I think that it just adds an extra something to any project. I must say that I am enjoying this RR as it is challenging me to do to think out of the box so to speak. That is why I joined this group to begin with as it is helping me to sharpen not only my skills but my imagination.

I hope that Debbie likes what I have done to her blocks. They were fun to work on.

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