Saturday, August 1, 2009

July Teaser Winners!

Hello, and good Saturday to everyone! I have The results to this months Teaser.

They are:
First place squishie and silkies of this months actress:
Once again for the second month in a roll...........Ann F. Yeah!

Second place winner for the silkies of this months actress:

Now for the bonus winner The lucky lady who gets the Super Duper squishie:
Skye, Yeah!!!

Here are the answers to the Teaser:

2)Persian Maltese cat named Popham and a pair of doves named Romeo and Juliet
4)any four of her plays would do.
5)The Pride of Jericho and Dorthy Vernon of Haddon Hall

Now for the answers for the bonus:

1)Suicide is Painless

2)Benjamin Franklin "Hawk Eye" Pierce :Alan Alda/Donald Sutherland
John Francis Xavier "Trapper" McIntyre: Wayne Rogers/Elliot Gould
Franklin Marion "Frank" Burns: Larry Linville/Robert Duvall
Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan: Loretta Swit/Sally Kellerman
Walter Eugene O'Reily: Gary Burghoff played both parts
Henry Braymore Blake: McLean Stevenson/Roger Bowen

3)Brigadier Bradley Barker/The dukes of Hazzard/Boss Hogg

Here is another interesting fact of Sorrell Brooke: He was a veteran of the Korean War.

Ladies, I hope that you enjoyed this Teaser!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Skye!!! I am so excited for you. I know you could really use squishies, this is AWESOME. And Lyn gives out amazing squishies!!!!!

Thank you Lyn for mine too. I am embarrassed for winning twice in a row. I will not try next month so others get a opportunity to win your fabulous Squishie:):)

Thank you Lyn:):):):)

M. Regina said...

Hello,Lyn, I love your teaser. I intend to participate in the next month, but sometimes I don't find the answers. Hugs from Brazil.