Thursday, January 29, 2009

6 Picture Meme

I was tagged for the 6 Picture Meme by my wonderful friend Kerry. Here is the sixth picture, from the sixth folder in my pictures. It is my Asian Nights block! I had just got this block back not too long ago. The rest of the story of this block you can find in the post: New Arrivals on this blog. I am still pondering on what to do with it
I got a little nervous counting down the folders. This folder is right in front of the one containing pictures and things for my next "Catch My Star" teaser coming up. THAT would have let the cat out of the bag so to speak!
Now here is my six to tag!
1) Shari.....Shari has an energy and excitement about CQ that you can just feel through the computer! Her blog: Lady J Spice's Cache, is just wonderful to keep up with!
2)Nicki Lee.......Nicki Lee does some very beautiful work! She has some under the sea blocks on her blog that are great inspiration for my CQ quilt "Seanes". Her blog: Nicki Lee's Raviolee Dreams, is just inspirational!
3)Ati.....Ati has beautiful stitching and ideas! I have recently had the privilege of having Ati stitch on one of my blocks for a round robin. It is a beautiful treasure! Her blog: Ati On The Crazy Road... is a wonderful travel through her imagination!
4) Jill......I like to think of Jill as the "pink" lady. She does a lot of her things in pink and white. Jill's work is so frilly and Victorian you just want it for your own. She was the inspiration for my Magic Moments blocks! She has a beautiful blog called: Blossoms and Lace.
5)Simona.....Simona does beautiful CQ. I have had the privilege of her working on one of my Magic Moments blocks. Simona's imagination has now bounds! I still love her parasol! Her blog: Stitch and More, is one that I frequently follow!
6)Hideko.....Hideko's stitching is one of my first inspirations. I have had the luck to have some of the items that she has made from the swaps that we have joined in together. They are some of my most cherished CQ items! She has a great blog: Wind From The East. If you want inspiration just go and take a look!
Now for the rules of fun:
You have to go to the pictures section of your computer find the sixth folder, and the sixth picture from it. Post it and tell the story behind it. Then choose six other people to tag. Ones that you know or don't know to do the same thing. After that you leave a comment on their blog or email them, letting them know that they are one of the chosen six.
Have fun!!

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