Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Catch My Star" Winners For January

Here they are! The winners for this months "Catch My Star"! The first to come in with all the right answers is Leslie E. Leslie gets the replica silkie and the squishie. The second to come in with all the right answers is Ann F.

Now for the two bonus questions! The first to come in with the right for the first bonus question is Shari in CO. Shari, gets the CQ pin keeper. Now for the after thought bonus question the one who got that one right is Leslie E. Yeah, to all the winners!

Now for the answers:

1)What city and state was Nora Bayes born in and what was her given name?

Joliet Ill., Leonora Goldberg

2)To whom was she married to and what was their hit song?

Jack Norworth, Shine On, Harvest Moon

3)What war did Nora Bayes record songs for to boost morale?


Now the first bonus question:

What movie of Jack Lemmon's was the hit song "Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans" in and who was the co-star who sang it?

1)The Wackiest Ship In The Army

2)Ricky Nelson

Now for the very last bonus question.
In one of my previous "Catch My Star" teasers, one of my actresses stared in a Broadway production with another one of Jack Lemmon's co-stars. What actress was it and what is this co-stars name?

1)Frances Star

2)Walter Mattheau

Congrats to all the winners. If I can get Shari and Ann's addresses I will mail out your prizes!


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