Saturday, January 24, 2009

Isn't It Romantic??

My Magic Moments RR blocks had come home. Well.................. They had come home a little while ago but this is the first time that I had to take pictures of them and share them! I am going to make a wall hanging out of them. I am thinking that the name of it will be "Isn't It Romantic". I have a few designs that I am working out for putting them together.................. That is for another post. Let me show you my blocks!

This block was embellished by Leslie. She added a picture of a young Queen Victoria. The stitching on the seams are just beautiful! I am going to have to try the fly stitch lace one day!
This block was done by Laurie. She was the first to put on Queen Victoria. Yes, Queen Victoria's picture is tinted pink! She matches the block perfectly! With all the roses, lace and flowers, doesn't this block just say Victorian??

Here is the block that Ati had embellished for me. It is just beautiful. Ati put on a cameo. Cameo's are my favorite! I have a big collection of them on the walls as well as jewelery! Ati was also VERY generous to me and has shared a couple of her vintage buttons. One of them her mothers! This is a gift that I will always treasure! Thank you, Ati!
Thia next block was done by Simona. It is so beautiful, frilly, and Lacy. Very romantic! The parasol was a perfect touch! As I have shown off these blocks here the ladies have been drawn to this parasol! Studying it so that they can reproduce it on block of their own!

This next block was again done by Leslie! This time she added a picture of the whole family of Queen Victoria. All the lace and beads on this block just say Victorian romance! One day I am going to have to try beaded stitching!

Last but not least, is the block embellished by Cobi. Cobi is a multi talented lady! She not only has a perfect hand for stitching but she can also make her own crochet motifs! I absolutely love the spider web that she put in the middle of her block! Of course my favorite the cameo!

It as always is a privilege and an honor to work with these very talented ladies in this RR. Thank you so much to all of them for all the beautiful work that y'all have done on my blocks. They are a great treasure! Thank all of you for the gift of your talent!
Now to put them together!!

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