Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's All Fruity

I have found more fruit! YEAH! I just love the original cigarette silks! They are so wondrous! So let me show off the fruits of my labor so to speak!

Here are my first three that I had. Some of y'all might remember from a post from last year.

My pineapple!

My strawberry!

AAAHHHH the cherries!

Here they are all of my new silks! Watermelons and apple in this first picture.
Raspberries, peach and Grapes here in the second picture!

I am having so much fun finding these little treasures! I am just lining up ideas for quilts faster than I can make them! I am hoping that I can find more of these fruit silks. I am seeing in the far future a really fruity quilt! That one would have to come after "Catch My Star" though!

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megha said...

I agree this is all fruity.