Saturday, February 14, 2009

It Was The Tree!

It was the tree! There I said it that is what I am blaming this delay on! Never mind that two people quit at work and I worked 14 hours a day every day this week! That was not a factor in in any delay. I also cannot blame the running around of two of my children after school most of the week or the fact that I had a sick nephew staying at my house because his mother(my sister) had to go out of town. (Darn those state inspectors any way!)

Nope it was this tree.

As most of y'all know I love, love, love varigated threads. I had agreat color form a company called "The Dye Is Cast" it was called "Holly & Berries". Awesome combination! As y'all can see I used the word "had" because I used all of the thread. Now this is a small tree. You know s-m-all, small. It would not have used a whole skein of thread? Could it have?? Yes it did! I also was left with haveing a whole gap in my s-m-all tree. So off to my favorite needle point store to see if that is where I picked up the brand of thread.

Bummer, no it was not so I picked out several colors that would come close to matiching the colors of the thread that I was using. I filled in my huge gap in my s-m-all tree. I am thinking that it is not too bad. Well that is what I keep telling myself because to me it is so obvious to me. It just keeps walking up to me and smacking me in the head!

Off I go to finish up on this project as many others await on me!!



Anonymous said...

I like your tree, and don't see the color change you are talking about. It must be one of those things where you know it's there but no one else can see it.

Anonymous said...

I like your tree too. I do not notice a color change either. it is amazing how quickly those trees suck up thread. Now you have a tree to post in the challenge when it is the month for trees:)

Quilter Beth said...
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Quilter Beth said...

Love the tree! I'm not a "crazy" quilter; although my friends might debate that (lol)! I really enjoy seeing the projects you are working on.