Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blog Teaser Help

Here is the results I have so far for February's blog teaser. For the second bonus question Kerry was the first to get that one right! Kerry, gets one of the pin keepers. Now, the first one and the only one so far to get all the answers right is: Shari! Shari, gets the squishie! Shari also got one of the bonus questions.

There is still no second place winner. So I will give a hint before I give out all the answers.

The second question in this months teaser is giving the trouble.

The question is: In what play did Mary Ryan act in with a famous actor/writer? What was his name??

There was a hint in the bonus question. What award did this actor/writer win??

Here is a second hint:

This famous actor/writer stared in many movies. The first movie that he had a starring role in(that was also his most defining role) was titled "Little Cesar"

Let me know when you get the second question!



Shari said...

Oh MY GOODNESS! Did I really get them all right? Wow. It wasnt as easy this month as last month and I struggled with the same question that everyone else is struggling with. Blind luck I tell ya! Thank you Lyn! I am sooo excited! Maybe you couldn't tell....Hugs.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Hi Lyn! I'm very happy to have got the bonus question right and to be getting one of your pinkeepers! I love them and you can never have too many! lol T think I have the mystery of question 2 solved now. It was hard! lol