Saturday, February 28, 2009

It Is An Under The Water Quilt!!

Here is another amazing quilt that I really liked. For some unknown reason it caught my attention, I can not imagine why............

Because this years quilt show was the biggest that they have ever had the isles were smaller and I could not capture the entire quilt in the picture so I took several pictures of each quilt. I am hoping that the pictures give you the idea of the beauty of these fine quilts!

This under the sea quilt both my daughter and I really loved! Now the back of which I could not get a picture of as the quilt was hanging against the wall has a mermaid that is big enough to take up the back of this quilt! A really great quilt angel, Fran, pulled the quilt back so that we could get an idea of how beautiful the back was. Several people commented that the back was better than the front! I wish that it was not against that wall. A nice picture of the back would have been in order!

I just love the seahorses! The sea floor of this quilt is just awesome!! I just wish that I could have gotten a whole picture of this quilt!

I hope that this brings some inspiration to the ladies in all the Under The Water round robins! I know that it has given me some needed inspiration!

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