Sunday, March 1, 2009

Here Is Debbie's Eye Candy

Seeing that I am a Crazy Quilter AND live in a small town, Bastrop, Texas, to be exact. I had always thought of myself as a lone wolf. There was nothing around here as far as groups or support, or so I thought. When I switched over from regular everyday quilting to crazy quilting I started teaching my self, well I had help from a brook written by Judith Baker Montano. Then I started picking up books from other people.

My crazy days were on their way! One day about 5 years or so into my crazy days a friend of mine suggested I look up some groups on the Internet. There have got to be more people like me out there! Lo and behold there was! Lots of them! From around the world, too! Hot Dang! I started to join the crazy quilting groups on Yahoo. Crazy Quilting International being one. I got to join in on the fun of RR's and baggie swaps. ALL sorts of challenges. ALL sorts of support! WOW! I was not alone anymore!

Then one day I joined into a swap. A Halloween swap. I am not sure now where the hostess was from but she did not live in Texas. OH, JOY! As most of y'all know that swaps are a great way of getting things that you would not normally buy for yourself to put into whatever project you are working on. You get to see CQ from another persons eyes. Well I sent of my little Victorian baggies and when my box came back I had received some great baggies in return. WHOO-HOOO, GOODIES! I set up a plastic storage container for ALL my Halloween stuff and went on with stitchin' as usual.

A few day's later I got a email from a person by the name of Debbie H. Debbie H.?? I don't know no Debbie H. do I???? I opened up the email. As I started reading this email I found out that Debbie H. had been in on the Halloween swap also, she had received one of my baggies, SHE LIVED IN BASTROP, TEXAS!!!!!

OMG!!!!! I had a CQ pal that lived in Bastrop!! Hot dang! I was not alone anymore! Come to find out Debbie had felt the same way, there was no one in Bastrop who did Crazy quilting! Now, each of us had a stitching buddy! (We had to send off to another state to find each other!) In the next week or so Debbie had invited me to an 'N Stitches meeting. This is not a crazy quilting group, it is like a stitching support group. The members bring their latest projects in what ever they are doing, any where from scrap booking, to knitting. The group covers all grounds! Traditional quilts from this group are the greatest!

Now, I have the support from a group of talented ladies who love to see what I am working on next! From there I started my own crazy quilt group and hold the meeting on the 4th Saturday of the month.

So, that is my crazy story! Here are the entries that My Crazy friend Debbie had in the La Grange quilt show for 2009:

This quilt is excellent! I wish that I had some of those pictures for silkies! You don't find very many western silkies. Just imagine the crazy quilt you can make with western silkies!!

Debbie's angel isn't she beautiful!

I wish I could have gotten a better picture of her Christmas pillow. It is really beautiful!

I hope I got them all! Debbie will let me know if I did not.
More pictures later! Oh, yes there are lots more!

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