Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Catch My Star" Blog Teaser For March

Hello everyone, and welcome to "Catch My Star" blog teaser for March! This month I am featuring an actress who started out at a very young age in Vaudeville. She was part of an act with her father, mother and brother!
She unfortunately died at a very young age from heart disease. I would not feel sad as she had lived more in her young life than most people who live to be 100! Imagine growing up traveling and acting with your family!

Here she is Josephine Cohan:

1)Under her name, Josephine Cohan, she was listed as acting in four plays: What was the longest running play that she was in? What was the date that this play opened and what theater did it open in?

2)Years after she has passed away she was portrayed by the sister of a famous actor in a film. Who was the actress who portrayed her and in what film? Who is this actresses (the actress who played Josephine in the movie) famous brother?

3)Who was Josephine's famous brother and name his first Broadway hit.

Bonus question----

Josephine married a famous actor-writer-director. What was his name, and name 5 of his biggest movie hits. She also had an equally famous son, what was his name and what film was he nominated for the Academy Award?

I hope that y'all enjoy this months blog teaser.



piney cq said...

HI there!! Just sent ya the answers!

Mary said...

Answers are winging their way to you.

Moon_Child said...

The answers are on the way.