Saturday, March 21, 2009

"How The West Was Warm"

I went to the wonderful Georgetown quilt show last Saturday. It was entitled "How The West Was Warm". In the front of all the modern quilts that were there to be judged there was a display of beautiful antique/vintage quilts.

Walking up and down the first isle were the quilts of yesteryear. These quilts conjure up the memories of staying at grandmas house on fall and winter nights. For me really when I went up into the Texas hill country in early spring to spend the month with my grandparents. (In early spring in Texas the hill country can get down right cold!) Remember snuggling up under the old quilts that grandma would bring out? Everyone can remember how they smelled, too. Cant you?

While laying under mine I had always thought that I would make a bunch of my own someday so that they could be passed down from generation to generation. (Well really so I did not have to share mine with my cousin!) I have made a lot of my own. My husband is curled up under his favorite right now! I can just see my grandchildren curled under their favorites also! Just like my sisters and cousins and me at my grandmothers.

I know that you are smiling! You are remembering Christmas aren't you! Me, too!

Here are the pictures of those wonderful quilts:

The venue where the Georgetown quilt show was a little bigger that La Granges but they still did not leave you enough room to get a complete picture. But I think that you get the idea of how wonderful they are! I bet you had seen one just like grandma had?
I have tons of pictures from both shows left and will still be putting them up for a while. I hope that you are enjoying all of them!

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gocrazywithme said...

My grandmothers were not quilters, though one was a crocheter of afghans. The pink and green around the world quilt brought back memories of one I restored once, though, and the wedding ring too. Interesting on the wedding ring how that one black and white fabric was shredded in each spot it was used. Wonder what happened there....