Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Around The World Swap

The time has come to remember my manners! I have alot of thank you's to go for my baggies for the Around The World Swap. I got so many nice trims, buttons, fabric, beads and charms that it is hard to believe that they all came in the same box!

I want to thank Shannon R for being a great hostess! Big cyber hugs and smooches to her! Now the pictures.......................................

These top two pictures.... All the embellishments!

These bottom two pictures............The fabric!

I received baggies representing quite a few countries of the world. The countries included France, England, India, Ireland, Mexico, China, Japan, Africa, and a great seaside baggie! Awesome stuff ladies!
Big THANK YOU'S go out to Shannon R., Pam Horne, Winnie Ursini, and Gayle Morris, and to any one who I might have left out by mistake! (So sorry if I did!)
I love everything! The fabric's are so rich and beautiful, and the embelishments are so wonderful and sparklie! Thank you ladies for all the time it took you to put together the swap baggies, it was a wonderful swap and all of y'all make GREAT swap partners! Y'all are just so thoughtful, and generous!! I hope to meet y'all in another swap one day!


Rengin Yazitas said...

Wow, these are real treasures....
I watch your goodies with an envyness, how did I miss this fantastic swap???
Enjoy your new goodies, happy stitching.

Shari said...

You hit the mother lode! I just kept saying "OH!" "How cute, how sweet" "How Darling" "OH Wow!". How did I miss out on this swap? The embellishments were so darling, unique and full of wonderful theme ideas. The fabrics, especially the embroidered ones and that lady bug green one are to die for! Lucky you. Happy days of CQing ahead for you me thinks...Hugs.

Chris said...

I'm just learning and discovering the amazing things you can use for embellishing crazy quilting. Can you tell me how to find silkies? Are they all antique and are you finding them in antique shops? or is there a particular source for them? Thanks for any info...