Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crazy Quilts From La Grange

It seems like I still have tons of pictures to go from the La Grange quilt show! I now have another quilt show to blog about! I went to the Georgetown quilt show. They entitled it "How The West Was Warm" Great name! I have pictures of some beautiful antique/vintage quilts to post about. One crazy quilt. Next year they will get a surprise when I enter "Seanes" into it!

Now here is some more quilty things from La Grange! Here is some of the crazy quilt items entered this year!

I hope that you enjoyed these pictures I still have more to go! As soon as I down load the pictures of the Georgetown show from my camera I will start posting that one!

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Laurie in Maine said...

Visiting all the Puzzle Swap blogs from Pats list...saw the Crazy Quilt Tree from Peacemakers Calendar a few years ago.
How nice to see one of the blocks finished as a wall hanging! I have 3 of them done (or nearly done;) and what a good idea. Since the whole calendar quilt is not likely to happen by me :)