Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Story To Bring A Smile

In taking a look at this quilt one would say: WOW, so much time! There is a story about this quilt. It did not win a ribbon. In looking closely at it you will see that it is not put together real well. Not in a way you are use to seeing a quilt put together for a quilt show. The beautiful lady who made this quilt did it in the most challenging time of her life. The lady who put this quilt together with all of its tiny pieces, put this quilt together after she had a stroke.

Yes, after she had, had a stroke. She made this quilt as part of her therapy. All those tiny little pieces of this very special quilt helped someone put her life back together. So I think that THIS quilt is the best quilt hanging up at the quilt show.

Now when you look at this quilt don't you see that it is the most beautiful quilt in the world???

Don't you love the way that quilts bring smiles? Joy? Warmth? They bring people back to life!

There is our smile for the day!


1 comment:

Quilter Beth said...

The story of the quilt is one of the things that makes a quilt so special. This one is a true beauty. Thank you for sharing it.