Friday, March 20, 2009

A Trip To Gerline's

My daughter came home one day last week saying that her color guard instructor was having a baby shower. She had an invitation to it and she wanted me to make her a quilt. (I usually make baby quilts from 1940's replica fabric for the ladies who I know that are having a baby.) Since I have not made one in a while and I needed more fabric for this one that ment a trip to Giddings, Texas. A trip to Gerline's Quilt Shoppe. Gerline has so much fabric it is hard to choose just a few pieces!

While I was there I found these two pieces of fabric:

Cant you see these being used as silkies??
While I was getting the fabric cut she had asked me what I was planning to make. For these two pieces I had said that I was going to use these for silkies. She looked at me like I just grew three horns out of my head. She was more interested in the baby quilt that I was making. So I let the conversation flow in that direction. I figured that was one she was more comfortable with.
When we (My daughter and I.) left the shop as we were driving down the road my daughter looked at me and said "Did you get the feeling that she had no clue what you were talking about?" I said "About the silkies?" "Yes" she said. I said "Yes" then I asked her "Do I have horns growing out of my head?" She said "No, but I get the feeling that a lot of people don't understand what you are saying when you talk about your crazy quilting."
Of course I get that feeling also. It is like a language of my all my own! Does anyone else get that feeling???

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PlumCat said...

Hi Lyn:

Love this fabric! I'm sure you will enjoy just owning it. Mary Ann