Monday, March 9, 2009

A Work In Progress!!

This past week had been very relaxing. The massive over time at work has subsided, so last I could relax a bit and do some leisurely stitching! I finished a pin keeper for the March blog teaser and I posted it on my pin keeper sister blog the Lions CQ, .

My other work in progress is this front of a purse.

My daughter wanted me to make her best friend a purse for Christmas. Well, it is a tad past Christmas, but as they say: "Better late than never"! I still have the back to go but that will have to wait I am in "Under the Sea" mode. I have received Lisa's UTS RR blocks and am itching to get started but one of my own to let the juices flow to be exact!


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Thelma said...

Beautiful!! Very lovely stitches.