Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A New Stitch Book

Okay, you are asking yourself: How many stitch books can one person have?? All of us are different and therefore have different reasons for obtaining more than one stitch book. My reasons are all author's have a different way to do the stitches. I usually look the stitch up in three different books and create it the easiest way for me.
When I saw this book:

I thought pretty much the same thing that I always do. An extra way to do the stitches. Maybe some new ones to boot!

When I got this book home today I opened it up. (How many of y'all actually wait to drive home from the PO to open your packages up?? Well, I don't wait either!) I sat in the PO parking lot and flipped through the book. WOW! I could not believe my eyes! Lots of new stitches! The diagrams are easy to follow. The instructions are very well written!

New stitches to me also. Or at least ones that I have not found in other books! Like the Breton Stitch, German Buttonhole Stitch, and lots of others. It shows how really easy the Checkered Chain Stitch is!

I cannot wait to try these out!! I think that I have found my new sewing basket companion! Now to find my highlight marker.

If any one is out there looking for a great new stitch book this is one that I would recommend getting!

Off to stitch!


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Nicki Lee said...

WOW girl! Sounds like you really took in a quite a haul! Isn't fun to treat yourself to goodies? I'm looking forward to my CQ treasure hunt when I go to the Fabric District in LA this summer - can't wait for my turn!