Friday, February 27, 2009

The Best Little Quilt Show

Guess what this weekend is?? It is the weekend for "The Best Little Quilt Show In Texas"! I went to it today! I have lots and Lots of pictures. I figure posting them a little at a time. I had, just had to post these first! This year the guild featured crazy quilts. Due to all the OT at work "Seanes" was not finished in time for this show, but next year...............
I am bound and determined for Crazy Quilting to get its due!
I hope that I got all the pictures that I took of this little jewel! This one is so cool! You have just got to check out how she did the fringe for this wall hanging! The embellishments for this one are ssssooooo appropriate!

Oh the ideas that come to mind when you look at this one!
I will be posting more pictures of this wonderful show and showing off all the wonderful work of these talented ladies!

1 comment:

gocrazywithme said...

This quilt must weigh a ton! All that's missing is a few paisleys....
Looking forward to more pictures!