Sunday, April 19, 2009

Burned Leaves

I have been wanting to try silk burning for a while now. The CQ's that I have seen with burned silk have been so striking! I thought that I would start out with some thing simple like burning leaves. That is how I spent my Saturday.

What prompted the leaf burning is in one of my online groups (CQI) the monthly challenge is incorporating Trees and Leaves in CQ. I of course have always put trees in my work so I have lots of pictures of trees. I have not ever just used leaves. Yesterday was the day to play with silk burning and the leaves! While I was burning the silk I had started thinking about an RR that I am in. It is an Autumn RR. The burned silk leaves would look GREAT for Autumn! Not only did I burn the olive green silk but I also took out some red and orange silk. As y'all can see from the picture above I have some great Autumn leaves!

I will be using them on (at the very least ) Cobi's Autumn block. The leaves turned out so great I just had to show them off today!


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Cathy K said...

Your burned silk leaves are beautiful and I can't wait to see them on Cobi's (and others') block! As "Challenge Mama", I'm verrrry proud of you! Way to go! Hugs, Cathy