Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What I have Been Up To

In the course of life you will always hit a few bumps in the road. Well last week we flew into a giant pot hole. I am sad to report one of my 16 year old darling daughters really good friends died in a drunk driving accident. My Stephie was devastated. I was not really happy to find out that the "party" that her friend went to, had liquor and that the alcohol was supplied by the parents of the child holding it. Not only that they let ALL those children drive home drunk!

My baby was to go to the prom with this girl and others, as they all had no dates for it and they all thought that it would be fun to go together. The prom was Saturday. None of the girls went. Stephie is still upset but is going on with life, I am proud to say. Today she is at a college fair that she has been eagerly wanting to attend.

In the middle of all of that I did get some work done! It is the time of the year for Chisholm Trial's cancer fundraiser. Chisholm Trail is a nursing home that I service, and have been servicing for about 3 years now. I was asked again this year to donate something. I made another pillow for them to raffle off.

Here it is:

Thanks to CQI I am in the spider web kind of mood! So this pillow got a spider web! Thank you to all the ladies in the Spider Web RR for some wonderful inspiration!

Starting up this month are 2 RR's that I have been waiting on since last year to start. So I made blocks for them this weekend.................................

Here is my nekkid block for the Autumn RR. I wanted to use fall colors of course. I dug into my stash and this block is the out come! While I was working on it I started to remember that movie "The Four Seasons" . The one with Alan Alda and Carol Burnett. The scene where the friends are driving in the Mercedes to the New England college where their children attended school. I remember all of the beautiful trees with their leaves turning autumn colors. Just beautiful! I cannot wait to see it start being embellished!

Then there is the Landscape II RR. The block that I made is a little bigger than I usually make but I am planning to use it in a curtain for my bed room. It is for a bigger window.
I also made it differently as the sky part is the white and yellow and the land part is the green and blue part. I wish that I could have gotten the picture to look right. Hopefully you get the idea!

I usually don't put stipulations on my blocks I like for the ladies stitching on it to do what they want, but this one.........................
They are going to find out sooner or later. I wanted the theme for this one to be an "enchanted forest". I found some cool faces at Shipwreck Beads, that I would like stitched into this block. Wait until you see them Cobi! Everything went out into the mail to you yesterday!
I am a little excited to see this block come together. Like I said it will have a place of honor in my bed room!
Right now I am currently stitching on Peggy's UTS RR block I should have it finished and up here for all to view in no time!


Cobi said...

Lyn I love the spiders block, what a gorgeous colors. I love autumn anyway, my favorite season. The landscape block is challenging. I'm really curious about those faces you mention. I'm on the look out for your block, looking forward to stitching.

morvoren said...

Lovely blocks Lyn!
Oh I love the face idea too :O)
I am so glad I did a face on your UTS block now ( was worried in case you didnt like faces)
How lovely that cushion is..and so kind of you Lyn. Love the embroidery and web.
Hugs Pam

Simona said...

I love your blocks you used beautiful colors fortunately I can stitch on one of them!