Thursday, April 2, 2009


I found them! I found them!! I am excited as I thought that I had lost these pictures. I have a box of pictures that I have saved since childhood. It consists of some of my parents wedding photos(they are now divorced), older photos of my dad, his brother and sister, and his parents. I am missing one of my dad and his brother. These are photos of when they are younger. When my husband gave me my scanner/copier/printer, I wanted to scan these pictures with all the rest that I had and I simply could not find them.

Yesterday my darling daughter had me looking for one of her favorite childhood books, and in the deep recesses of my buffet I found the shoe box that I had these treasures in. I never found "The Foot Book" by Dr. Seuss but I found these!

Here are some of the photos:

This first photo is of me(I am the baby), my Mommie Wallace(My grandfathers mother), and my Grannie Lehman(My grandmothers mother). It looks like my Mommie Wallace's house she liked red. Her carpet, sofa, all her chairs, and lots and lots of red glass!

My mother at her graduation. So perfect to find as my darling son graduates this year!

My Aunt Nancy(My dad's sister) and her prom date!

My dad and aunt Nancy.

My dads family. This picture is of my dads parents, Mamarsh and Pappap, aunt Nancy, my dad and uncle Rod.

A picture of Mamarsh and aunt Nancy.

a picture of Papp and his dog.(My grandmother could not stand dogs. she said she had, had enough of them while growing up!)

The next two pictures are of me and my sister Kara. One of the rare occasions when it snows in central Texas!
Hey, check out that Ford Pinto!

These are just a few of my treasured memories! I hope that you enjoyed looking at them!


Rengin Yazitas said...

These are real treasures for you.Thanks so much for sharing them.

Ruby said...

Enjoyed the photos. Could have been some of mine, almost. So glad you found your family treasures.


Quilter Beth said...

It was really fun to see your photos. They brought tears to my eyes; I know how precious they are. I have some almost like those; they mean so much. It sure takes me back to a simpler time.