Monday, April 13, 2009

"Catch My Star" Blog Teaser For April

Good morning to all! I hope that everyone had a happy Easter! Mine was very enjoyable. Here we are in April for another Blog Teaser. This month I am putting up one of my new acquisitions. This silkie is VERY fragile so I will be using a replica of this one at least on my "Catch My Star" quilt.

Here is Patricia Collinge:

She was born September 20, 1892, in Dublin, Ireland. Her first stage performance was at the Garrick Theater in London, England in 1904. In Little Black Sambo a play adapted from the children's book written by Helen Bannerman. She then came to America with her mother in 1907. She had a long and wonderful career in films and on stage. She passed away in 1974, in her home in New York City.

Now on to our teaser! Of course the first on to answer all the questions right gets a replica silkie and a squishie. The second to get all questions right gets the replica silkie of Patricia Collinge. Also we have a couple of GREAT bonus questions!

Here we go!

1) Patricia Collinge was the first Polyanna Whittier in the play Polyanna adapted from the children's book written by Eleanor H. Porter. Name 2 other actresses who played Polyanna Whittier.

2)What was the title of the film in which she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Also name the Actress who won the Academy Award that year.

3)Patricia Collinge was also in the play The Importance of Being Earnest. Who wrote that play? Which actor was the most famous Jack Worthing? What award did he win for the role?

Bonus #1:

Here is one of my Jack Lemon trivia questions. (You know we cannot leave out my favorite comedic actor!)

In The Odd Couple there were two sisters Cecily and Gwendolyn Pigeon. They were inspired by the characters Cecily and Gwendolyn in what play??

The right answer for bonus #1 gets a pin keeper.


Now for the big bonus question! I love to watch The Worst Jobs In History on the History channel. In the Tudor period one of the worst jobs was to be a boy actor. The questions to answer are:
1) Why were there no actresses in the Tudor period?
2) Name one of the Hazards of being an actor in that time.
3)Name one of the playwrights from that time.
4)How old was William Shakespeare when the first theater was built in England?

The first person to get the big bonus right gets this cute exp. model of a pouch that I made.
View one:
View two:

Good Luck. Email me the answers .


M. Regina said...

Hello,the answers are:
1-Hayley Mills and Mary Pickford
2-The Litlle Fox
Beth Davis
3-Oscar Wilde
Actor: John Gielgud won the only Tony Award

Now for the big bonus question!
1- Because women were forbidden to act.
2- At the end of a play, the stage was frequently littered with 'dead' characters and murder weapons.
3- William Shakespeare
4- 1576) first theatre was build

1564 W. Shakespeare was born (therefore he was 12 years old)

Thanks, I hope to win.

M. Regina said...

HELLO, I hadn't read that the answers must be sendto your e-mail, but now I ALREADY SEND.(excuse me if my english is not good). Hugs from Brasil

Shari said...

I have sent you my blog teaser answers under private cover, lol. This was not easy! Hope I didn't miss a part of any of the questions. Your scissors case is lovely and was worth waiting for (evenif I only get to see the picture, lol). Good luck to all.