Saturday, February 6, 2010

It Is A Challenge Swap!!!!!!

It is a challenge! It is a swap! It is a challenge swap! Yes, you heard right! We will be swapping something great and wonderful! I think that we will start of with tags! Yes, a tag challenge swap! So, here is where the challenge comes in..................

I will challenge each of the ladies who sign up for this swap to make three tags each. (Yes, cross stitchers are welcome!)
One will be in red. The second will be in blue. The third will be in lavender. The tags should be no smaller tha 5x3 inches and no bigger that 6x4 inches.
We each will get a swap partner and exchange our masterpieces! Mailing date will be April 12th 2010.

So, now everyone is asking themselves what do these tags look like???? I just happen to have the pictures right here!

This one was received by me from Hideko in a tag swap.

This one was received by me in a tag swap from Gail.

Now that everyone has the inspiration.................... I need the willing participents to come and play with me!!

After you comment on this post please email me you address for the swap! My email is .

Any Questions??

The Lion


CJ said...

I like the ones that you've shown photos of. I'm in. I had sent you my information earlier.
Sounds like fun! And I'm certainly UP for that.

Ruby said...

Lyn, I'd love to do a tag or three! Count me for this swap. Thanks!

shawkl said...

I'm interested...emailing now.

ina said...

I like to join,I'll send a mail.

ina said...

I like to join the tagswap.I'll mail my information.

Christine Edwards said...

Well, any kind of sewing is a challenge for me, but one that I'm ready to tackle head on. Sounds like an interesting swap.

shawkl said...

Okay...I have the fronts done.

What do you want on the backs? Muslin with name/date/location? Fabric other than muslin?

Oh great and powerful Oz...what say you?

PomieMommie said...

I'm in too and so excited!
Donna D