Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beaded Tree

I know that everyone has been wondering what I have been up to.  I have not posted any pictures of any work in quite some time.  Wweellll, the reason is..............  I am in this RR you see.  One from one of my groups.  I have been working on Sue W.'s block.  She had wanted bling.  Bling to me is lots and lots of shiny things and beads.  Tons of beads!  Speaking of tons of is the picture of the tree I made for Sue:

I have been wanting to do a beaded tree for a while now.  Since a good cyber friend of mine posted pictures of a awesome beaded tree she had done.  If you ever need tree inspiration stop by Leslies blog.  Here is the address: .   You will see why she is the Queen Of Trees!
  This block is off to its next stop!

The Lion

1 comment: said...

love your beaded tree, i've yet to make a beaded tree, much less a beaded tree.LOL! where are you in Texas, i'm in Abilene. your website is fun to go thru. later, molly