Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Weeks Adventures

Hello to all!  This week has been very interesting at work.  I was given my own office.  I did not know why.  I work at night and had shared my supervisors office for any work I may need to do.  Come to find out my hours are changing to 4am to noon.  Then found out that my supervisor is going to start traveling to other company locations.  So........I needed my own office to work from.  The first thing that we needed to do was locate the key for the office.  It has been locked since my sister moved to Houston.  (My sister and I work in the same company.  She is an MLT and she is the GM trainer/clean up person.)  A call was put into my sister and she said that she had the key.  She would bring it when she came into Austin.  My sister finally got here the middle of last week.  We got the key from her and I had to clean her stuff out of her office.
  She moved to Houston set up another office and left everything she had up in Austin in the office.  Knowing that she would not be back.  To her defense she is a busy woman.  So I packed up her things even her Ginsu knife.  (I don't know why she had a Ginsu knife in her office.  Those type of things were keeping me up at nights 'till I stopped worring about them.)  So the last part of my week I spent getting my office in order.  Whoo-Hoo!  Exciting things are starting to happen!!

Now in my last post I told y'all that I would describe the torture of a friend.  I am a member of several yahoo groups. StitchMap being one of them.  I thought it would be nice to do something for the owner Shari.  The first anniversery of the group is coming up.  (Her daughter Moon is also a owner, but Shari bosses her around so..........)(Have I got that right Moon??)  I wanted the whole group in on it so I created a help wanted post.  I asked for help from everyone.  From the tatters, cross stitchers to the CQ'ers.  Everyone was welcome to help with the project.  Even the new to the group.  Not only are we having fun creating the item.  It is being created in waves as this is truly an international project, but the tourture of Shari has got to be the most fun!  The ladies are getting to pay her back for all the torture she has delt out from being the teaching master she is to the teasing she has done from the teasers! (The teasers are a trivia game where the ladies of StitchMap get to win prizes.)  Shari, I know is having fun with all the banter.  We are having quite fun throwing out false clues to see if she can really guess what is up my sleeve!

For my final note on this post, yes it is COLD here in Texas.  Right now it is 19 degrees outside.  It is a little warmer tonight.  Last night was 13 degrees.  I know, I know.  There are alot of people out there a lot colder than this.  As I keep saying when you are use to 30 or more days in a row of above 100 degrees..............13 degrees is too cold!!(That is Farenheit)

I am also hopeing to show y'all that beaded tree that I have been working on also.  I am so behind with work and all.............. The trunk is almost done though!

The Lion

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Ruby said...

Busy lady! Congrats on the new office (I think)!!! Having fun on this 'Shari project'. :)