Sunday, January 3, 2010

It Is All Silk!

I don't think that I have posted on these yet.  As many of y'all know I live in the town of Bastrop, Texas.  It is a lovely little/big town.  I say little/big because Bastrop is really growing.  We have lots of new businesses here!  It has come a long way from when I was growing up here.  Today we have a huge HEB grocery store, when I was a child we had Longs on the corner of Main St. and Farm St.  That really was not that long ago!  But to get back on track with the story.  We are growing but still we have that great small town atmosphere!  Main St. Bastrop you can still park your car and walk up and down it to do a little shoping.  At the one end of down town Main are a couple of great antique stores.  I visit them every once in a while to see what I can find to put into my quilts.  I have found many GREAT things!  But the two items I am going to show y'all right now are I think the geatest yet!  I found some really great silk scarves!  Here let me show you the first one. 

It is so big I had a hard time finding some place with enough light to take pictures of it.  Is it not awesome??
Here is another picture.  One of the corners:

I LOVE the colors!  Here is another corner!

I alway loved the trick horses in the circus!  Here is the next corner:

Its kinda upside down but it is the acrobats.  Here is the last corner:

The elephants!!  I am still loveing the colors in this scarf!  Here is the middle:

This is a great scarf right?  Hard to believe that I found it!  It is also ALL SILK!  If you let your imigination flow can you not just see this as a crazy quilt???  Would that not be awesome?  A circus crazy quilt?  I am seeing it.  Now just to take the time to plan it out!
As I was checking out with this little gem, the lady who owns the store asked me did see the one with the birds?  "Birds?----No.  What Birds?"  "The scarf with the birds on it." she said to me.   "Uh, No......Where would it be??"  She started to look around her store.  She then showed me this one:

(Sorry it is not ironed)
WOW!  No I did not see this one!  Of course I said that I would take it on just a glance!  If you were in my place is that not what you would have done??  Upon closer inspection of the scarf, it is also silk.  Look closer........The birds and flowers are hand painted!  WHOO-HOO!  Jackpot!  Right???  Let me show you the close ups of the birds.

Just awesome!  Here is another corner:

The colors came out just great in the pictures!  I think that the scarf faided with age.  Here is another corner:

What can I say?  I am still in awe of this jewel!  Here is the fourth corner:

Who ever painted this scarf was very talented!  The birds are just for lack of a better phrase.  They are just AWESOME!!  Now I bet you can see THIS one in a crazy quilt!

The plans for so many crazy quilts are just stacking up!  With the years getting shorter and shorter, well I can tell you I will have so many UFO's in the closet my darling daughter is just going to die when she has to clean it out when I finally pass away!  Hopefully I will leave her with smiles!

There is my entertaining story for the day!  Just wait until the next post.  We are going to talk about the torture of a great friend!

The Lion


Ruby said...

Great scarves Lyn, Love the circus the best but admire the birds because I cannot paint. What artistry!

Anonymous said...
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Karen said...

Sweet scarves!! I try to get them when I can but so far have not had the guts to cut them up and use them! Aren't I silly??

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Cynthia said...

The scarves are beautiful - especially the one with the birds. I would have a hard time cutting it up even for CQ.

Thelma said...

What a find you lucky gal you! Beautiful, and most definately I see them in a crazy quilt!

Connie said...

OMG! I love the circus scarf! I'm going to make a circus CQ one of these days. My mom grew up in the town where the ringaling brothers got their start. I wrote the circus museum there to get old circus pictures for my quilt, but they wanted arms and legs for the pics. LOL! Great find!