Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Brand New Year!

Here it is a brand new year.  I did not post yesterday as I had left the computer and started puttering around with my sewing machiene and just did not get back on the computer until this morining.  I am very happy to have spent the first day of the new year dreaming up projects.
Just wait they are coming in the new year!  I have so much to do and the years are just getting too, short!  I have finished up on a project that needs to be sent off!  I did not want to chance it getting lost in the Holiday mail.  It is a RR for CQI.  I will put the blocks in the mail on Monday for good measure. 
Below is the block that I did:

I am now finished playing with my roses.  On to another flower!  There are so many flowers out there to choose from.  The ladies of CQI are going on to pansys.  I am ever the rebel, so I want to play with another..........  The things I have to ponder!  Today I think that I will finish beading that tree that I started for another RR that I am in so that that block can go into the mail this week also!

I hope that your new year is getting off as well!

The Lion


Sharon said...

OMG Lyn this is go girl!


Ann Flowers said...

Wow gorgeous Lyn your roses are Stunning. Very nice.

Ann Flowers

Beth said...

Just gone through your Floral designs and found it to be awesome. It was nice going through your blog. Keep it up the good work.