Sunday, December 27, 2009

N' Stitches Christmas Party

Like everything this year I ran late on making a gift for my N' Stitches Group. I was literaly down to the wire on this project! I am hoping for better time management skills for 2010. I did manage to get this project finished for the party even though the glue was still a little wet!

Every year one of my local groups has a great Christmas party! We do a Chinese gift exchange. This year I made one of my tins with a pinkeeper inside. It was one of the gifts that had got stolen for the limit. Of course Debbie H. just had to steal my snow globe! Wendy just had to steal my homemade toffee. I could go on but no need. I wound up stealing something that was better. I got hand dyed silk velvet, in purples, pink and purple beads and some fluffy stuff for my imagination!

I always enjoy the Christmas party! I also enjoy the group through out the year! like my cyber groups this one has great people and support in it! I would like to thank all my groups and wish them a Happy New Year!

Now the eye candy:

Here is the top of the tin.

A picture of the side.

The inside of the top with the front of the pinkeeper.

The back of the pin keeper.

The inside of the bottom of the tin.

Now for the construction of many more!
The Lion

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Amy said...

Beautiful as always! Love both the tin and the pinkeep!